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Snowy cold Tuesday

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It's been snowing since early Sunday and I'm really tired of it. We had 2 inches Sunday morning and now that I'm reduced to my little Ford Focus 2 inches is enough to keep me home. It sits so low to the ground that I end up plowing snow when it gets 2 inches high! I sure am missing my 4 wheel drive Escape this winter!

The kids have been real busy working in the basement. The duct work that came with our house is to small for our big house. It's 45' X 76'. We got along ok until we put in an above the ground heat pump last Spring. the heating part worked ok but the Air conditioning part kept shutting down. After 2 months they finally figured out that the duct work was meant for a house half our size and the force of the air was backing up and shutting down our unit. Last summer we did just fine with out AC but that's a rarity here in Missouri and especially with 3 of us having severe allergies/asthma. so tomorrow we will chuck out $1600 to get the right duct work installed. Yeah, we did a lot of research and even checked with a lawyer but it's our baby to deal with! We are also blessed with $958 for a new iron filter and replacing all the other filters we already have to use the water out of our lake. Thankfully we have $3000 in our emergency fund to cover all this. It'll take us 4 months to build our emergency fund back up so hopefully we won't have any more surprises in a while!

We're also trying to finish our basement up quickly. I seems we are having 3 adults and 8 kids move in for the summer on top of our usual 7. ripping out our old rooms from the pole barn we lived in for 4 years is a real blessing right now. DH didn't want us to save the insulation but the kids and I have been rolling it up and stashing it. Even DH is willing to let us use it now! (He was worried about bugs in it!) LOL!!! Its been so cold so we haven't been pulling nails or screws out of the lumber but now that we have a huge section cleaned up in the basement. Maybe the kids can bring a few over at a time and remove all the screws and nails out of it to use later on. Anyway we saved all the bathroom fixtures and are saving as much electrical and plumbing stuff as we can so other than wall board we shouldn't have to buy much.

I quit driving and rarely cook any more. The kids have me working on a cookbook with all the recipes I've ever used and family recipes they want. I might have to do several different ones. One for dutch oven/camp fire cooking. One for canning. One for whole grains and sugar free. One for family recipes with all the history and stories that come with them. One for Food Storage recipes and one for making your own cheeses and mixes. Then one of recipes they grew up with. I think one book would just be much to much. Guess we'll see. So glad I have kids around that like to drive and love to cook! I just reached a point I don't care to any more! My husband has promised me a new 3 in 1 printer this year. Hope it comes before Fall! Between the calendar and cookbooks I really need a new one! the one I have works fine as long as you are willing to sit there and physically feed each and every page in and stay with it until it pulls it a couple times. I know this one has about had it and I know I've reached my point where I'm willing to look at others. The few DH has told me about so far I checked on ink and it was so expensive. One of these days I guess I'll check online and track down one that won't cost me an arm and a leg to use!

Well I've rambled on for quite a while this time. Hope you are having a warmer day than I am. I'm going to go take a hot bath and curl up in bed with my books and stay warm the rest of the night.

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  1. Tarrien's Avatar
    My roommate is complaining about how we aren't getting snow, its ironic how things like this work.

    I'm sure you guys will have a great summer by the sounds of it, maybe a tad chaotic but still fun. :3
  2. Niddi's Avatar
    Sounds like you have your hands full right now and you're going to have a house full this summer. I can't even imagine having 3 adults and 8 children for a whole summer in addition to your own family. You have my admiration.
  3. tsgal's Avatar
    Been in your shoes before. We had several in our house at one time, dont' think that I want to do that for awhile now. Good luck to you on that one.
  4. JoAnn's Avatar
    Sounds like you will have a summer of fun and adventures, at your home. And very busy till then getting ready for your company.