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Current list to do

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So I've found if I have a to-do list things get done more than if I go "bleh, I'll do it later"

So currently my list is down to a few things right now
[x] Look for freebies
[x] Do dishes
[ ] Go to bank and take out money for the cell phone bill
[x] Go to dollar general to see if there's anything I can celebrate the Chinese new year with (no, they took away the firecrackers yesterday)
[ ] Wii Fit
[ ] clean up more of the house
[x] Brush the Ferret

This list will be edited as things get done. Bolded things are things I'm in the process of doing

Also I thought about ways on making your house smell nice...

Potpourri lasts forever and usually costs around $5-$20 but its not very strong so if you need something strong this probably isn't what you need.

Plug ins cost around $5 I think and they last for about a month and they're strong enough but not over-powering

Incense sticks will cost you about 10cents each but the smell is usually gone in a day or two (sometimes unfortunately only a few hours) so buying about 30 for $3 will keep your house smelling all month. But they can also be really really strong while burning so if you end up not liking the scent you chose then you may be stuck with it.

Oil burners cost around $10, the oil costs about $5-$10 and the smell only lasts about a day or so, the oil will last as much as you burn it and if you add water, I know some people who will burn a lot and others will burn a little. Burning a lot (meaning every day you burn it)= 2weeks-3weeks. And burning a little may last you months. These have a strong scent also, but its easier to tell which scents you'll like and which you wont since usually you can pull the cap off in the store.

:3 that's my ramble for today

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Updated 01-26-2009 at 10:17 AM by Tarrien (Ferret is brushed)