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The life and mind of Tarrien

Cleaning and Weightloss

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So I ended up going to bed at 2am then woke up at 5am. Oh joy. I'm wide awake. So I ended up doing all the dishes and doing a more intense clean up of the kitchen than usual. (Cleaning counters/stove top) It looks nice and spacious right now, its kinda weird in a way since our entire house is one big mess...That reminds me I need to do laundry... Sometimes I feel like the ferret and I are the cleanest ones in the house. She has her order, I have mine and my room mates .... well.... Their order is all over the floor. Actually until just recently I've been struggling to make it through the living room without stepping on or running into anything. I'm a clumsier person so you can see how this might just pose a problem for me.

In other news after playing Wii fit the other day, it weighed me and I lost 6 pounds~! I'm really excited since I've always been overweight and now it says I'm in the normal range for BMI. Yes, I know BMI is a scam but still, I feel really happy about all the weight I've lost. I used to weigh like 180, and now I weigh 168. That's just from moving out from my parents and eating healthier.

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  1. faxonfive's Avatar
    Thanks for the chuckle...I am a clumsy person as well!!! The WII fit is great isnt it??!!!!
  2. fosterfamily5's Avatar
    Last year I lost 20 lbs by just keeping my house clean. It's a small house but we have 3 kids and they always keep me hoppin. I banked 45 min on the wii fit this morning before the kids got up. Yeah!!! I wish I Could download new stuff for the yoga without buying a new game.
  3. starsinnight's Avatar
    Congrats on the weight loss!! I have been thinking of buying the Wii fit since bf & i want to start getting active, plus i still have to lose my freshman 15 - er 30 ... did i just hear yoga?? on the wii fit? now i really need to get the Wii then the fit! ... now what did i just read about large purchases? need to first save up, and have a 24hr cooling period to decide if i really want it first, is it a need or a want? hmmm lol

    does anyone know how much each are - the wii and then the fit? do you need both to have the fit? thanks! we've talked about getting it just didnt know much!
  4. Tarrien's Avatar
    Wii is like 300 some I think but I'm not entirely sure
  5. fosterfamily5's Avatar
    The wii is around 260. the wi fit and balance board is 89. You need the wii in order to play the wii fit. Huge investment. Grandma got us the wii for xmas and i used leftover xmas money to get the wii fit. It's hard to find, as soon as the stores get it, it's gone. The yoga on the wii fit has about 18 poses and their are strength exersices. The games are fun too! Gets everyone involed. We take turns (since it's 1 player) and pass off after 3 games per person. My daughter has 800 spins on super hoola-hoop.
  6. ShellVera777's Avatar
    Yay on your weight loss. I am currently attempting to change my lifestyle. I do pretty well most of the time...actually all of the time except payday. I need to do better about going to the grocery store as soon as I get my check instead of treating myself (ha!) to pizza or grinders. I feel better when I eat healthier, but I hate (HATE!) food shopping. I am not good at it...even with the coupon attempt.