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I dont' wanna!

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Dear Budget101 people..*L*

I dont' wanna be a lurker anymore...I really don't.
I'm leaving a post-it on my monitor to come here each day.
My finances are changing AGAIN....I was working 3 hrs of OT each week cleaning offices. I gave it a $1 per hour raise, and still lost money in each check...about $100.00

My mortgage payment increased by $30.00 and thanks to that lovely OT I just mentioned, I do not qualify for Earned Income Credit this year. Phooey.

I had some exta money leftover from Christmas from I did a big stock up shopping trip, tomatoes, beans, cereals, crackers etc. That has felt great...and I def. need to tweak my shopping habits because I can never make it quite two weeks comfortably.

THis is my seroius attempt at becoming a regular poster.

Marie in Vermont

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