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Vegan Diets

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So i just finished reading Skinny B*tch the book - at the end they confess that they don't really think anyone reading the book should become a "skinny " but should instead adopt a healthy lifestyle.

Some of the definitions of being healthy to them are a bit extreme but make sense after reading it. My bf seems to think it is just brainwashing agenda, but all the info is sourced and i've heard most of it before someplace else.

They believe to be healthy, you shouldn't eat sugar (refined - you can eat raw sugar or cane sugar), soda and coffee are the devil, you shouldn't eat dairy (too many hormones and pesticides and other products unknown in dairy nowadays), meat (this one i've been thinking about for years because i know how terrible the meat farming industry conditions are - i've just been turning my head away because i like meat!), chicken & fish (also have hormones and pesticides), and basically anything not verified organic.

So the goals are to eat lots of fruit and veggies and beans. And then to add in lots of whole grain rice/pasta. It sounds really really difficult to do let alone on a budget.

They make valid sounding arguments that being vegan is safe and so many people are safely nowadays (even athletes) and then all the vitamins and nutrients we actually need can be found in different veggies/fruits.

so i think im going to start out slowly. I'm cutting out refined sugar and coffee this week. i'm drinking my very bland, bitter tea right now as i type! and i have tons of food with meat at home and am hopefully getting an entire batch of angelfood this weekend (if they ever received my check), so that is lots of meat that i will eat. and i do feel guilty because i do love animals, and whether it is arguable or not, they are definitely treated badly in farms - there have been home videos leaked to the news from workers recently.

And then for all the healthy reasons (besides the ethical/moral) maybe i wont get so many stomach aches if i am eating healthier. And there are so many veggies and fruits that i could eventually explore cooking that i wouldn't have otherwise. and so many substitutes, i already love gardenburgers and mushroom burgers - and apparently they now make everything as a substitute (including entire thanksgiving turkeys). so maybe....

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  1. Tarrien's Avatar
    I've been slowly taking out meat of my diet as well, I've almost completely cut out red meat and lost a significant amount of weight. That and I've been forced to take out milk recently due to a sudden lactose intolerance.

    Tea, There's actually some really good teas out there, you don't have to sit back and drink bitter stuff if you don't want to. My parents actually sent me a really good Strawberry tea for Christmas and it doesn't even need sugar. But if you really wanna go healthy green tea is some of the best tea out there for you.
  2. JoAnn's Avatar
    so i think im going to start out slowly
    I'm glad to hear that you are taking your time and introducing your new type of eating slowly. To much at once can be very overwhelming to your system.
  3. starsinnight's Avatar
    thanks guys for your comments i do appreciate them! i'm going to have to look for strawberry tea, that sounds great! right now I buy Lipton Tea w/ Berry and it's pretty good. Oh and I love green tea too.

    I'm working on no coffee this week and no refined sugar (only sugar in the raw)... so if i do get angelfood tomorrow then thats lots of meat and ill have to wait till that runs out too. so it gives me time to adjust.