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Only half an hour left...

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So I have half an hour until I leave work and go to my first day of the semester of school. And while I do feel a bit overwhelmed already (since I took an entire semester of school in one week last week and have the final to do still)... I always do get excited at the first day of school all over again.

But now I am busy wondering about money and being frugal because of another blogger's blog on being frugal and expensive things. I try my best to live frugally and bf definitely helps too. We live in a studio apartment with no internet and basic cable, no phoneline, and we buy angelfood now too. Tonight for class I brought an Arizona tea and a pb&j to stop me from being tempted by Starbucks.

I have our meals planned this week, nothing fancy: Winn-Dixie frozen seafood dinner, Wednesday I'll make shrimp with noodles since I dont have school, Thursday: mac & cheese with salad, and Friday: another Winn-Dixie frozen shrimp fried rice dinner.

I hope those frozen dinners from the seafood section are good, never tried them but they were on sale.

I have some spare cash this month so far from us not going out to eat and spending the weekends indoors... so we are taking a trip to NY to visit my brother next week. And hopefully I can save the rest.

So I've gotten to thinking - are splurges really that bad? Is it bad to not get the latte before class that makes class so much better? Is it wrong to buy ice cream on the way home for you to enjoy with bf before bedtime and its already time for another day?

I often feel guilty- actually i ALWAYS feel guilty. Wheneve we go anywhere to eat or I buy any clothes or accessories. I try to shop at Target, I go to a Designer Consignment Shop, and a department store outlet... but is it wrong to WANT?

I really am going to think about this tonight. What do you all think? I've seen a bunch of posts on here about how you need to think about what you NEED before you purchase and make sure its not what you WANT. But why? Don't we work hard to be able to fulfill our wants? I grew up living in a VERY frugal household... while we didn't need to at all. We could have lived luxiouriously... but didn't. So is this why I feel this way?

I just wonder, about all those people on their deathbeds who have saved so much money - and for what? The only good answer I can come up with is... charity.

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  1. wilbe95's Avatar
    For myself personally it is more thinking about what bills will be coming in and do I have enough to pay for them. This helps me to delay purchasing a want item. I think you need to splurge every now and then to help satisfy the need, but you have to think of the cost later. If it means that you will be charged additional interest because you owe some money, maybe it I should hold off on the splurge.

    I feel there is a happy medium. Every person has different needs, if they are being met then a want is okay.