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brain dead Monday

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I'm having one of those days were I'm confused and frustrated. I'm trying to figure out how many points I have now and just can't figure it out. I'll give up tonight and will probably have a better day tomorrow. It's gone on all day and people call wanting to know stuff and I can't think at all today. I know it's because my brain is full of scar tissue and I just have to ride it out until my brain finds a new way to process info. Sometimes it just takes a day or two and sometimes it takes several weeks. don't know if I can mentally handle several weeks so hope it's just a day or two. A group in St Joseph MO are planning a big emergency Preparedness activity and want my input as that is my specialty. but just can't process the info today. finally after 3 phone calls i just had to tell them to e-mail the info and I'd look at it and get back to them. Hopefully the physical side effects won't fire up with this. Really frustrated tonight.

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