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Living on the edge, banana peels underneath

things to ponder

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Saving money is a way of thinking.. Not just saving on food but everything.. Think about it… how many of us know someone who is so cheap on one thing but then blows it on something else? I used to have an Aunt who would wash plastic wrap and had clothes line hung up in the kitchen to “dry” it on, she also did this with tinfoil. I don’t remember her ever throwing away plastic containers, she’d huff and say “Don’t you no never mind I’ll find a use for it”. Even heating the house and believe me they had a huge house, also had a fireplace….and to save on the heating bill she burned… anything AND everything….. One time she threw in the toilet seat and something rubber…. OMG I thought I would die. Smelt so bad, but it goes to show you, everyone has points to which they will go to, to save .. And things they will blow money on. Their house was grand.. Nothing was to expensive for it, they saw they wanted they bought. Vacations too.. Didn’t matter where they wanted to go if they wanted it they got it. …….clothes were another matter.. They could careless if it was new old second hand whatever….. Heck I’m 50 and have a cousin who still wears bell bottom pants and yes they are from the 60’s… but to them.. And how they think stuff like that isn’t worth spending money on. In a way they are right. After all do you really want to spend money on a car and have to keep making payments on it forever? Only to trade it in for another car and more payments? Do you really need a purse that is about what you make in a weeks pay? Heck I would much rather have a 50 cent purse from Rustic Market, and have my weeks pay in the purse.. So pick and choose what means more to you. Make a list if only in your head, and ask yourself why you buy those things.. Is it a need or a want… come on be honest. I was walking out of Target the other day as I was walking out so were two other ladies…. One of them was saying “I finally found the Trench coat I’ve been looking for… I have a brown one, and a black one…. and a green one.. Oh and a tan one.. But now I have the color I’ve been looking for.” I about busted a gut laughing.. I mean come on how many coats do you need? Geez is it made outta gold? And who really cares if it’s brown or tan?… now maybe I could see black and a tan one.. But that would be pushing it even for me…I guess it all depends on what really matters to you….and having coats of every color…just don’t matter to me…. Just a thought….to ponder

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  1. Tarrien's Avatar
    I wonder about my friends. They'll be all frugal with everything then suddenly they'll pile on the debt when they go to the music store. Its like " know, $60 dollars for music CDs is a bit much..."
  2. tsgal's Avatar
    I understand where you are coming from on this. I work with a lady that spent $50 on a purse. To me that is a waste for money. I agree with getting something cheaper to put my hard earned pay check in. It's a crazy world out there, and it's the material things that matter most to people. They have lost the true meaning of life.
  3. starsinnight's Avatar
    hmmm... this does make me ponder. Because i do live frugally but i do like to spend money on the things i "want." Because to me, sometimes it is worth buying nice things for yourself after all you work hard for. And sometimes that expensive latte will cheer up your day. Now, dont get me wrong.. this isn't a life to live by all the time. You can't ALWAYS have the expensive purse (i have bough purses over $100!) and you can't have the fancy shoes and vacations all the time, but it is nice to splurge... and I don't see anything wrong with that. I work hard and save my money so that I am able to fly to NY next week to see my brother or so that I can go to Disney for a weekend.

    I don't think this means the meaning of life has been lost. When you work full time and go to school at night full time it is hard to find things that brighten up your very tiring day. And dont get me wrong, i do love my family and pets. but i also enjoy fashion and entertainment as well. And if i have to cook myself a $2.50 meal for dinner to get it, i think it is well earned!

    And of course, no one has to agree with me. I understand that we all have our different passions in life. Yeah its ridiculous to have a coat in 4 colors when one will do... but some people like fashion *alot, and some like reading books and buying expensive hard covers, and some like seeing the newest movie every weekend.

    I suppose priorities change when you get older and have children that are much more important, but what if you dont? I have an aunt who is child-less and married to a dr and they spend all their money on fancy cars and even have a plane! I suppose priorities differ depending on the person .. . but to me, that doesn't make anyone lesser of a person.