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Teen Sleep Over

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This coming Saturday I am having a sleep over party for my d. She will be 13. I have never hosted one of these things and am a little anxious. Since she is an only child I am still learning where to step in and step off. I don't know how much of a presence I should have in the whole deal.

Here's the only thing we have planned. It's only 5 girls...but wow. We have a small house and they will have to sleep on the floor in the living/dining room. We are going to the $1 movies and then to a buffet. When we get home my d has a couple of crafts she wanted to do.

Here's another hang d has anorexia, so I am use to her menu, but will have problems making sure it is not too obvious to everyone else. Cake is out of the question, but she will eat a parfay (spelling?) Does that seem too weird for a party?

Anyhow, you are all great and I would appreciate any advice!

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  1. crankymae's Avatar
    Parfaits would be great!! A rather grown up dessert, IMOP.
    "Everybody" bakes cakes-her party dessert would be different.
  2. ShellVera777's Avatar
    In today's world where we are becoming more health conscious, I think parfaits are a GREAT idea. You could even allow them to make their own, just put out the selection of fruit, granola, yogurt, etc.

    My daughter has bulimia, so I can emphasize with you about the menu and how to not make it obvious to friends...but honestly, her friends probably know exactly what is going on, as I found out that they all talk about it and it is common for friends to do it together. Maybe anorexia is different, but I was shocked! When I was in school, these things were not talked about or cool.

    I hope the party goes well. 13 is a tough have to lay off enough to give them the feeling of freedom without them feeling it so much the feel invincible. I wish there was a manual, as I feel I am always messing up. It is so much harder today than when I was a kid.
  3. Tarrien's Avatar
    I don't think they'd notice if you served parfaits. Honestly, if they don't know already, they won't notice as long as she's eating with them.
  4. jaime's Avatar
    Thanks everyone. Most of the girls coming don't know. Only one does. She has been struggling for 2 years now, but it is getting better.

    I think it's a good idea to have them make their own ShellVera....that might be fun.

    Wish me luck...the party's Saturday
  5. ShellVera777's Avatar
    Good luck! I hope it goes well. If you allow them to make their own, all will feel comfortable because all will have different ways of making them. That is the cool thing about "buffets"!
  6. icdummy77's Avatar
    Hi Jaime:
    Hope you are having fun. . . since I have been there and I did!
    Parfait or not to partfait. . .it's all about the fun, the memories and the
    learning they will have! Great job mom!
    Hope you have an enjoyable and memorable weekend.

    P.S. Parfait (par-FAY) is a French word meaning "perfect."