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Back to basics

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Tonight I found myself so frustrated with our bills, I realized that somehow we got out of saving money and just spending it without much thought. You would think that me having a background in finance my situation would be much better, yet here I am wondering how we are going to get back to debt free living. I decided instead of working myself up into some sort of anger that could possibly last for days, I would do something constructive with my thoughts. I was browsing the internet searching for frugal living (ahhh that's how I stumbled upon budget101) and reading everything I could to inspire me to get back on track. Right now I am realizing that the best way for me to cut our budget is to cut back on groceries (one of our biggest expenses these days). Currently I probably spend $600+ (that does not count dinners out!) and I am shocked as I even re-read that. I am thinking that I would like to cut back to $250 tops with no dinners out for awhile. I am still trying to wrap my head around all that needs to be done to clean up our financial health, yet somehow I know that once I get all involved back on track we will have a wonderful year.

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