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Two more days....

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Hey all.
I'm still hanging in there...took the kids to Great Escape last Sunday. Saved $32.00 by buying the tickets online. My dad gave me $40.00 and the kids father gave them each $40. for spending money, and I let them "go nuts" with it because we never have any money to spend. They both actually did VERY well. I tucked away $20.00 of that money from my stepfather for the gas tank. My son and I figured out this morning on the way to the bus stop (at their Dad's house) that we are about 3 gallons short on gas. Might be time to use that $10.00 gift gas card from LAST xmas....

Also, I'll be keeping my kids with me during every weeknight and weekday morning because I was not satisified with the lack of care they were receiving at their Nana's (who was a sub for their father since he works 3rd shift) THis means more gas and mileage for me, and more groceries, even if only in the way of breakfast foods. I'm sure that baking more would take the edge off of breakfast, give them something other than cereal and toast to look fwd to, with the occasional pancake or french toast.

I'm rambling.
Point is, I'm hanging in there.
If you see someone out of gas alongside I-91 in SOuthern Vermont this week, it's probably me..*L*

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