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Sunday evening looks like snow

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I sure enjoyed Friday early afternoon when it was so warm and sunny and I took a nice walk to the other side of our lake. A couple hours later I had to go out and help and about died! the temps had fallen from the 50's to 23 in less than 2 hours! glad I took time off and walked when I did! It has looked like snow the last few hours so won't be surprised if I wake up to white in the morning. Our church meetings was packed today but after wards in children's church we had fewer numbers. so many were sick and had to leave. My 15yr DD's both had to take over music as our pianist and chorister had the chicken pox! I came up with a pianist for Children's church and the kids were very forgiving of my own lack of music skills and sang for me anyway! I promised my kids a trip to St Joseph, MO this week to do Fazolli's . I don't often make a 90 mile drive unless we have a whole list of things to do but I think we all need some time off so free coupons will be enough of an occasion. We'll visit the college kids and take them along too! We already got a Sam's club list working so guess by Tuesday when we hope to go we'll have enough to really justify the trip. My daughter is now working Saturdays and Wednesdays and my son is working Thursdays up in Iowa hoping it'll turn into a full time job. My DD is so excited as she is saving for a car. She's hoping by July when she turns 16 to have enough saved to buy herself a car. At least the threat of having to keep her schoolwork up has given her incentive to get ahead and she does schoolwork every second she can manage now! the kids are excited that we're suppose to have highs around 18 all this week. They want to go ice skating again. Glad they are so happy about it and they are the ones who have the outdoor chores to do! I'll stay inside and keep the home fires burning and make up the hot chocolate for them! I for one am ready for Spring although I know it's not coming any time soon. But I guess I'll be content with a stray 50 degree day every now and then! I sure enjoyed my walk last Friday!

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