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My first blog entry

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I have never really done an online blog but thought I would try it.
I really don't know what you write down so my first one will be just hello to all the budget101 forum members.

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  1. Liss's Avatar
    Hi Lilac! Welcome to the boards and blogs. On the left hand side you can click "Blog Control Panel" and it will open several new options for you.

    * Your Blog
    * Blog Title and Description
    * Blog Options
    * Blog Categories
    * Blog Subscriptions
    * Blog Entry Subscriptions

    If you want to change the description of your blog, click on Blog Title and Description. If you'd like to create various Categories for posting (ex. Lilacs Thoughts, Lilacs Favorite things), choose Blog Categories. You can create up to 10 different categories to post to. You can subscribe to other members blogs if you enjoy their posts and want to receive an email notifying you when they post, etc.

    If you click on Blog Options you can choose whether or not people may comment on your blog posts.

    It's kind of fun to play with the settings and change things around a bit.
    If you need any help, give me a shout and I'll see what I can do to help.