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2009 . . . Year of Change and Victory

Checking In

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Even the mere act of coming on to say that I am not coming on today helps motivate me to keep moving forward and progressing! I have a lot to do in the hour and 15 minutes left in this day. I still have work left to finish but am taking a short break and watching television with the baby (well, she is playing in her bouncer and talking to me while I am watching and typing).

She slept until 2:30 today, which is crazy. She slept ALL THROUGH THE NIGHT! Woo hoo! Now we will see about tomorrow. I start class again Monday so life will get really interesting. I am going to have to choose to maintain either one blog or blog one day on one site and one day on another, as I currently have the three blogs: Faith, Finances, and Fitness. We will see...maybe a short one on each site instead of going in depth on each? Who knows...it is rare I copy and paste as I am doing tonight so I can enjoy the evening. I will be surfing around after I finish my work. Don't want it hanging over my shoulder's this weekend!

Alrighty, done rambling. Participated well in all three areas today! Spent NO money. Worked out for an hour. Didn't do so hot on eating, but is that a horrible thing (I didn't eat except for a slice of pizza because I was really into my work!)? And my faith is increasing daily. I am off to read with the baby!

Keep moving forward.

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  1. tsgal's Avatar
    Sounds like your staying busy, always move forward as if you have no reverse........it's no fun going backwards anyway.
  2. redring's Avatar
    Awww I bet she is cute when she is all chatting at you. Enjoy what time you get to relax.