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Annoeying People

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How do you deal with annoeying people? I work with a gal that is so annoeying. She laughs so loud, that I'm sure someone a mile down the road could hear her. She tries so hard to get peoples attention that it's annoeying. The only thing that I know to do is just walk away. Her laugh is stuck in my mind all the time. I can see her wide open mouth and hear that loud laugh. Sometimes it's just hard to get it out of my mind. I just had to vent about this, it's stuck in my head. What would you do about someone like that?

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  1. JoAnn's Avatar
    Alot of people lack attention growing up. And that may have been the only way that they recieved any (by being louder then others or they could have been copying someone else's behavior when they were younger). And now as an adult, they don't realize that they are very annoying with this behavior. It could even be a nervous laugh -- A nice bag of lollipops could be a nice gift for her desk. Or a tin of hard candies . Sometimes just walking away is the best thing that we can do.
  2. beansthemama's Avatar
    ignore her Tonia! Sounds like she feeds of attention. Kick her right where it counts, give her no attention!
  3. fosterfamily5's Avatar
    You could ask her (politely) if she knows how loud she laughs. Maybe you could put it in a joking way so she won't take offense. I like the lollypop idea.
  4. wilbe95's Avatar
    I share an office with a loud lady! What a pain, I try talking on the phone but whoever I am talking to can here her over me. No consideration for working in an office with someone else.

    I vent by sending her some of the samples from here. She is in her 60's so getting baby items throws her. Makes me feel better, I get it out of my system and she has no clue it was me
  5. Niddi's Avatar
    Record her, then play it back to her while very sweetly explaining that you're sure she never realized how loud she was and you hope that hearing herself will help her to understand and she needs to tone it down because it is distracting and interfers with your abilily to do your work.
  6. tsgal's Avatar
    Some great ideas here, I love it. It is hard to deal with at times. I have learned to walk away from her, it just kinda gets to me a times. JoAnn I like the idea of the candy thing, but we are cooks, so having candy in her mouth wouldn't work. It might fall out on the food, yuck. But I should record her and let her hear herself and see what she thinks of that one.....lol....
    I think that your right about her not getting enough attention, because when things don't go the way she wants, she will through a fit just like a kid. The last time that she got that mad, she didn't come to work for a week. That was the best week that any of us their had in awhile, it was great. Maybe we should keep making her mad....lol.
  7. JoAnn's Avatar
    THis is just to funny at times -- people just don't stop and think what they are doing to others . No consideration for the people around them.. Ok double yuck with the candy.. Stick with filling the mouth with lollipops..
  8. tsgal's Avatar
    Thanks for making me laugh JoAnn, it does help alot. It's better to laugh about it then to keep getting mad. Now everytime I see her I'm gonna be thinking about lollipops....lol.....maybe I should nickname her that. Thanks for the laughs everyone, your great!!!
  9. redring's Avatar
    Its an attention thing. My experience is if you pay attention she will calm down with you at least. If not once you are being nice I have been able to ask people to calm down. They do. They want your friendship and attention.
  10. naturalmommy's Avatar
    get some good earplugs! LOL

    Im sorry that you have to deal with that. Maybe she is deaf?
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