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question to ponder

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before i go to bed, I want to post this question. Just want to find answer i guess.


What will be left behind when we die?

Sound sad but something we need to think about. Because we can't live forever and the time is passing by and we never known when will we die.

Enough about the sad stuff.


OH MY this look just like me

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  1. Janice Terrell's Avatar
    Besides the obvious - our earthly remains, we also leave behind all the good memories we've created for others; the nice things we do, even if people don't necessarily know about them. A sweet spirit is a nice thing to leave behind. Someone always feels it. There are too many not so nice spirits around. I'm not talking about ghosts, just a sweet, happy feeling in the world.
  2. wilbe95's Avatar
    That is a hard question to answer, everyone has different opinions and beliefs on what happens. I am guessing that something at your Bible Study group prompted these thoughts. We all search for spirituality in some way, hope you are able to find one that you feel comfortable with to help answer some of your questions.

    Janice, you are very right-you just never know completely how much someone has touched you until they are gone.
  3. bcoffey68359's Avatar
    I not real surer either - I think you leave behind memories and - I believe that the way your children are as adult when they grow up say a lot about what kind of person you where. They way you treat others in this worlds I believe reflect on you in the next world. Well if I get out of purgatory lol. Bobbi - ne
  4. mdowdy's Avatar
    Hopefully we leave behind nice memories and not a bunch of people saying man Im glad shes gone LOL
  5. tsgal's Avatar
    I know that I've had people touch my life in a special way. Now that a few of them are gone, what has been left behind is a kindness that most people don't even try to understand. A peaceful spirit, and a love of the heart that stays with a person for a life time. That's what I would want to leave behind.