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This is just not my week. Yesterday my ferret was all coughing and wheezing so I had to go get it some hairball treatment medicine. Then feeding it to her wasn't very pleasant.

My roomate had a friend over yesterday that took the couch and blanket that I sleep with so I had to go sleep on the floor. I woke up like 3 times since I was freezing.

And today I've just been sick. Like stomach ache and barely able to see straight when I stand sick...

EDIT: Tomorrow the cat threw up 3 times and woke me up.

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Updated 02-18-2009 at 03:27 PM by Tarrien

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  1. wilbe95's Avatar
    Sure hope you are feeling better today.

    For cats you can give them a little vaseline to lick off of your finger for hairballs wonder would that work for ferrets?

    Sleeping on the floor with out a blanket, would not be fun at all to me.
  2. bcoffey68359's Avatar
    sorry for your troubles - hope the rest of 2009 gets better for you. I would ask a friend to loan you a sleeping bag and a blanket - before you get sicker than sick - I would freeze to death - My house is 65 and I have double everything on - I am very cold blooded. Bobbi -Ne
  3. mdowdy's Avatar
    Hope things get better
  4. tsgal's Avatar
    Hang in there, it has to get better for you. Your roommate should think about others too. You should speak up on things like this to your roommate.