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Rain, rain, go away...

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Probably not the most fitting title I've managed to come up with! However, I am glad the rain has finally ended for a few days. Twenty-two roads here in the county were closed yesterday because of flooding or roads washing away. 8 roads were very badly damamged and are still closed until further notice.

School was even out in our county yesterday. A neighboring county schools were also closed due to flooding. We had only been to school on Tuesday and now out yesterday. So now, I need to get five days worth of school work accomplished with my third graders done to mastery in 3 days!! Oh boy!!! Guess we have our work cut out for us!!

Anyway, the unexpected day off was nice. My kids both got to sleep late and wake up in their own time. I slept in until about 7:30, which was nice. I have decided that if I could sleep in until sometime between 7 and 8, and then get up and start my day teaching about 9, I would be so much more productive! Of course that would make us going to school unitl about 4:30 or so. Dont think that idea would go over very well in a public school setting.....which is another reason I wish we could afford to homeschool our children.....but that is an entirely different day's worth of writing!!!!!

The day was very productive I think. I started right after breakfast working on canning some blackeyed peas we had stored in the freezer from last fall's harvest. By time to leave for chruch at 6:30, I had canned 25 quarts of peas and had some free room in the freezer. In between times, I also made powdered laundry detergent and some firestarters for the fireplace. Got caught up on laundry and even managed to squeeze in a 45 minute nap while the canner was cooling.

Next up on the list of things to finish from the freezer is to make some muscadine jelly. Hubby is going to get out 2 gallons of frozen juice and let it begin thawing tomorrow morning and I hope to begin making jelly after I get home from school.

I had told hubby that I needed some shelving space in the storm cellar to begin long term storage of some of our canned goods. (I am the idea person and he is figure out how to do it man) So we are going to tackle that on Saturday...while the temperature is dropping all day and more rain moving back in.....

Maybe we need to rethink Noah's plans..........

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  1. wilbe95's Avatar
    muscadine jelly
    What is muscadine? Never heard of it.
    Hope your area is better with the rain and that the flooding will go down soon and that the temperatures stay up so none of it freezes for you.
  2. livenactive's Avatar
    Muscadine is a memeber of the grape family native to the Southeastern USA. It likes the humidity and warmth we have here. It grows wild and can also be cultivated. We have both types here at home. The fruit ranges in color from purples to dark black "grapes" when they are ripe. Many people eat the pulp of the grapes, but not the skin. The skin is tough and at our house goes to the chickens. Not only do people eat these fresh, but they can be juiced to make wine, jelly, or just plain juice to drink like grape juice. I juice them and make jelly. We have made wine before and according to research, muscadine wine supposedly has more anitoxidants than "regular" grape juice. The grapes grow in small clusters of anywhere from 1 to 10 or more in a cluster. We love to eat them fresh and it makes a great jelly and wine. Wikpedia has a good entry on them if you want more info.

    Have you heard of scuppernongs? These are my favorite. They are a variation of a muscadine, except they are green to bronze in color. They are more like a "white" grape and give a more clear color juice. To me, they are a bit sweeter than muscadines. Both of these are seeded grapes. They make a beautiful golden jelly.