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2009 . . . Year of Change and Victory

Finance and Me

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I am about to embark on a Finance course. My next class is Cost Management. I am so not a financial person. Maybe I will learn some great concepts though that will help me in the future.

I am considering doing the Dave Ramsey system. A friend blessed me with his information so I just have to listen. I could do it while working out maybe. I am determined to be all out of debt, other than my student loans and mortgage, by next year. I want to be very ambitious and believe this year, but I still have $24,000, so I am not sure that will happen with the divorce and all. That $24,000 doesn't include what I owe my mom though. I have to pay her back for getting me out of debt back in 2006. That said, I am believing for a LOT to be able to pay off my mom plush that $24,000 by the end of next year. I want to though and I believe I can do it if I buckle down a bit.

I am going to spend some more time this weekend looking around on the site to see some more tips. I am thinking I might have to lower the cell phone plan as my first step, really think about the energy use in the house as the second, and fine tooth my budget a bit more as the third!

Well, off to get the baby to bed and read for the day.


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  1. beansthemama's Avatar
    Our church has Dave Ramsey come in and do a one day seminar once a year. It cost about $45 I need to take it he is soooo smart!
  2. JoAnn's Avatar
    It cost about $45 is this the price per person, meaning each church member?
  3. ShellVera777's Avatar
    I have all for the information from that seminar, as a girlfriend blessed me with it! I just have to find out when I will sit down and listen to it!