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Books I'd Like To Read

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Wuthering Heights (currently reading)
Skinny (just ordered it on ebay)
The Bell Jar
Little Women (i've had this one forever but never actually read it)
The Prophet (given to me by my brother)
Marley & Me
Eat This Not That (i look at these on msn, but i'd like to buy the book)
Shopaholic visits Manhattan (lol loved the first one - and cant wait to see the movie!)
Mirror Mirror (i've read all of Gregory Maguire's other books)
Red Carpet Suicide (i love perez hilton even though he's probably not the best role model lolol)
Mara & Dann (my aunt gave me this one)

I have a whole book shelf of books that I need to read before I go out and buy any new ones. However, I don't ever have time to read once I start up school again. And even if I do have time, I should be reading textbooks instead so I don't even bother starting. I have the rest of this week to finish Wuthering Heights because next week I am taking off work to do a one-week intensive all-day long class... which also means I probably won't be around here at all next week.

So have any of you read any of these books and what do you think? Any other recommendations - even though I don't have time or money to be buying books....

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  1. fosterfamily5's Avatar
    I'm waiting fo mother in law to finish Marley & me, then I get it. Well, after my son reads it. I don't read that often but when I do no laundry or cleaning gets done. I became totally engrossed in Harry Potter. I love my sons sci fi and action novels. I guess I'm young minded when it comes to books.
  2. starsinnight's Avatar
    Oh then you'd LOVE the twilight books!! i thought i was too old to read them but when all my co-workers began and raved about how good they were - i had to see for myself. And they were! I couldn't put them down, literally.

    I heard Marley & Me is a tearjerker, that's why I havent seen the movie yet - even though I want to.
  3. fosterfamily5's Avatar
    I bet I can get a twight book at the library today. Thanks. We saw Marley & me. It is so good. We came home and played with out dog the rest of the afternoon. Great movie!