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My eventful evening

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Well we didnt get the weather we were suppose to get - all we got was COLD rain!! My plan was to relax and bake the walnut sour cream cake that was posted on here (I have made it and I am hooked!!) I talked to one of my newly best friends on the phone and I got the dishes done and a load of laundry. (thank goodness Arron made dinner - eggplant lasagna) Then I had to run to the store to get dog and cat food. Got home and was getting the pots and pans ready to make the walnut sour cream cake when we got a call from my father-n-laws neighbor. They found him face down in the ditch with only shorts on!! Apparently he had been there for at least four hours!!! They called 911 but couldnt find our number to contact us - that was until they broke into his house to look for a number. They found his cell phone which had our number in it and then he called. When the ambulance got pops to the hospital they admited him and he was incoherant. They said he was mumbling and when we got there he was delierious. Mind you Alzheimers runs on Arron's side of the family. They gave him morphine and told us to go home for now and they would call us later. They didnt know what is wrong with him with the eception of the scratches, cuts scraps and swollen knees. He is 64 and has been in poor health for about the past 10 years. but in October when his wife died it all went downhill!! So I just got home, checked the mail and then head to bed!! Gotta work a double tomorrow - so the hubby will be at the hospital tomorrow. I will try to make it to the hospital midday. Its starting to look like we may end up with a house guest. We both agree that he can no longer be left alone!!

Thanks for listening!!!

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  1. Mrs H's Avatar
    Oh my. I'll say some prayers for you all and especially for your father in law. What a scary situation being in a ditch for hours on end. God bless you all.
  2. fosterfamily5's Avatar
    Oh my gosh, how scary. My thoughts are with you. I hope he recovers soon.
  3. wilbe95's Avatar
    Lynn, my thoughts are with you, your hubby and your father in law. Keep us posted on his progress.