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Back to work...

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Back to work yesterday. No students, just teachers receiving training and getting our rooms ready for children today. was a good day today. We hit the ground running as usual. The children seemed ready to come back and rested. I could tell after lunch that we were getting tired and not fully back in the swing of things. Some children even got sleepy today.

Hubby is home this week because his plant does not go back until next week. Since it has rained here for the last few days and nights, he hasnt done much hunting. Today seemed to be a lazy day for him. He did work some in the shop and watch football. Nothing much got done in the house however.

Dinner tonight was hamburgers. The meat was from our cow we had processed. It sure cooks different than "store-bought" meat. Smells different too. I have enjoyed looking at the posts of different people's menus. It has given me some ideas to try. That is something I need to work on, is weekly menu planning.

Hubby has thawed a turkey out and that will be dinner for the next few nights. Tomorrow night will be turkey and gravy with mashed potatoes, salad, and rolls. After that, I am sure turkey sandwiches will come in to play for dinner. I hope to be able to make turkey broth from the leftover carcass.

I dont think it is ever going to stop raining. It has rained so much here that roads are starting to flood. We live on top of a hill and are seeing the effects of it even here. Ditches are full and puddles (large ones at that) are all over the place. I know we should be thankful for the rain, but I just know that in July, when my garden needs it most, we probably wont get a drop! If only we could save some of it for then.....

Seed catalogs are arriving daily. I love looking at them and dreaming about my garden. I hope to get some tomato seeds sprouting at the end of February. That way, they will be large enough to plant at the end of April. I would love to be canning tomatoes in July instead of August when school starts. Better planning is needed! I'm working on that.

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  1. fosterfamily5's Avatar
    I'm jealous of your garden. I've never had a successful one. Now we have the dog I think he's eat it all or dig it all up before it has a chance to grow. I can still dream and read about yours.