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Where are the good fairies?

I need ideas, please

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As some of you know, my son is in Iraq. It seems the food does not always agree with him. He has a small refrigerator, a "crappy" microwave (his word) and a coffee pot. So I was trying to think of mixes I could make up & send to him. He gets lots of sweets from other relatives and people from church but he would like something that isn't sweet. I sent him a big box of Hickory Farms stuff for Christmas but that is kind of costly on a frequent basis. What can I make for him? I had thought about the oatmeal packets, hot choco. hot cider even Ramen noodles but I would like some other ideas. Part of my problem is I don't know if he has access to things like butter, milk even salt & pepper to keep in his quarters. Any ideas and suggestions will be greatly appreciated by me, by Matthew and by his roommate.

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  1. wilbe95's Avatar
    The cup soup mixes like the instant potato soup, instant refried beans work really great. All he would need is water to add to the items. With having a coffee pot he can always get the warm water to mix with them. You can get several of the "instant" items into a box without weighing it down too much. Good luck with this adventure. He will appreciate anything that you send. My grandmother told me to pack the boxes with air popped popcorn in bags to keep things from shifting and crumbling, plus he will have the popcorn to eat later.
  2. FreebieQueen's Avatar
    Many of the mug mixes that require only hot water would work well, some are soups, some are snack items. Beef Jerky is a big one, it gives them a boost and has decent flavor, along with slim jims.

    Various flavors of Coffees/Cocoas are usually greatly appreciated. Packets of Well sealed Chex mix- not sweet and definitely a taste of home.

    The foil pouches of tuna (the little lunch kits- they contain crackers and seasoned tuna ready to eat). These travel very well.

    You can purchase a little traveler of salt and pepper and fill it to send to him, they have these in the kitchen section at walmart for .98 and they are easy to pack, he can keep it on him and have a way to season his food. For that matter, you could get a couple and fill them with different seasoning mixes, lemon pepper, seasoning salt, etc. Just so he can add flavor to the mre's.

    Packets of various sauces (like you get at Fast Food places, ketchup, mustard, taco bells sauces,) If you've dined there lately it's worth it to grab a couple extra to include in your next package.

    Small cans of fruit. Don't try to send any Home-Canned Items, even if you wrap them very well, as the tops WILL pop when during shipping due to air pressure changes in the plane.

    You might want to place stickers underneath the tape across the seams. This makes it easy for the soldier to see if the box has been opened and re-taped. Oh, Just be aware that some units do not allow ANY decoration on the outside of the box.

    Hugs to him and many thanks for his service.
  3. Janice Terrell's Avatar
    Thank you ladies. I especially like the ideas of popped corn and tuna pouches. Variety - I don't want to burn him out on something right off the bat! I'll bet he could sprinkle chili powder or taco seasoning on the popcorn, too.
  4. faxonfive's Avatar
    Hey Janice!!

    When Arron was in Germany I used to got to some of the "outfitter" stores and get the freeze tried packets of dinners and send him. I know they have the "MRE's" but they taste horible!! The ones I would get actually tasted good!! I hated the cost though....so I purchased a dehydrator...I started to dry EVERYTHING I could think of!!! I sent him all kinds of jerkey and dried fruits. I came up with a powdered version of alfreado sauce using powdered milk and make him packets of fetticinni alfreado with the dried chicken that I had made....hot water and BAM!! He told me he LOVED IT!! I hope you are able to come up with somemore ideas!! I will see what else I can think of....

  5. Janice Terrell's Avatar
    Thanks Lynn - great idea. Don't have a dehydrator. Will have to shop around for one,
  6. faxonfive's Avatar
    Your welcome Janice!! It will help and save alot too!!
  7. danghsia's Avatar
    my grandma use to dry all kind of fruit

    My favoriate is dry sweet potato.

    But we use the natural sunlight
    I have to look for the dehydrator with this cold weather