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Let Me Introduce You To "Brandog"

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I was reading where someone had posted a link to a pet adoption event & I decided to tell you guys a little about the two dogs that my hubbie & I have. Tonight, I thought I'd start with "Brandog." To begin with, his name is "Colonel Brandon." (I have an affection for Jane Austen books & movies & he is named after my favorite character from Sense and Sensibility.) But he answers to many names - some of which I gave him & some my hubbie gave him. There's Brandon, Brandog, Boo-Boo, Booger Lips, Mutt-face, Fuzz-Bucket; the list goes on and on.
Let me start by telling you how I got Brandog. Before I was marries, I had a roomate named Rachel. We decided we would adopt a dog together. She told me we could split the adoption fee, food cost, vet bills, etc as long as I would take the dog if either of us moved out. That was fine with me!
So, one Sunday afternoon after church, Rachel, my boyfriend Tom (who is now my husband), and I went to a local no-kill shelter to pick out a dog. Now, you have to know that I am very tender-hearted. If I could have, I would have left there with every animal that they had! But I knew that I couldn't do that.
Anyway, the shelter owner brought out a few dogs. Two, in particular, caught my eye. One was a cross-eyed chihuahua names "Chuckie." Now, we didn't end up taking Chuckie home, but I often think about him. I hope he ended up in a wonderful home!
The other dog that caught my eye was a cute little ball of fur named "Peanut." I liked Peanut right away! He bounded down the front steps on his leash, but before he came over to greet me he had to stop and take a tinkle. (That cracked me up!)
Peanut stole my heart & Rachel & I took him home. As you probably already guessed, we renamed him. When we adopted Brandon he was only 5 months old with beautiful, long, curly, sandy-colored hair. The vet thinks he is a Cocka-poo (part Cocker Spaniel, part Poodle), but we think he may have some other things mixed in there too.
The shelter owner told me that he was rescued off of the side of the Interstate when he was only a few weeks old. One of the shelter workers found him there & took him to the vet. He had the mange so badly that the vet didn't even want to touch him! Now he's beautiful!
Brandog is truly man's best friend! He follows me around the house. He guards the house for us. He senses when I'm sick or upset. And he's extremely smart! I'm so glad I adopted him!

- Next blog entry, I'll tell you about "Misser."

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  1. Janice Terrell's Avatar
    Animal family members are so special. They are so much company especially when you live alone. You can talk to them and know they are listening even if they don't necessarily know what you are talking about. Sometimes I think mine KNOWS what I'm talking about! I just love mine so much. She's a 4# white chihuahua with black spots and has no concept of size. Smaller dogs make fierce little guard dogs.
  2. Tarrien's Avatar
    I've actually read somewhere that dogs know about as much language as a 3 year old when you talk to them. But your dogs sound wonderful. Whenever I pass by Petco on their "adopt a dog" days I always find at least one dog that I just fall in love with. Last time I fell for a pitbull that was going blind.

    Sometimes I wonder if the pet chooses the owner rather than vice versa. I know when I first met my ferret she and I clicked instantly. And after walking past the petstore every couple of days she'd stop what she was doing and just stare at me walk past.