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2009 goals

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I have a bunch of goals for 2009!!
1 - with every paycheck (both jobs) I plan to put $20 into the savings account and they will be my rainy day fund
2 - (I bite my nails) last year I had planned to stop!! Well it work partial. My right hand has long nails and the left didnt - this year I plan on stopping all together!! I am so embarrassed my how they look
3 - I plan on (at least once a month) taking me and the kids and volunteering at the local soup kitchen - working two jobs doesnt leave me much time but that is a goal I am proud to say I look forward too!!
4 - Continue to eat healthier!!
5 - Be happy with who I am!!
6 - pay down my debt!!

I continue to add to this on a daily basis....I am really excited for 2009!!


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  1. Janice Terrell's Avatar
    Very nice goals - I wish you good luck with them. We could all take some pointers.
  2. faxonfive's Avatar
    Thanks Janice,

    I plan to stick to IT this year
  3. beansthemama's Avatar
    Wonderful goals! I need to get my personal goals together
  4. danghsia's Avatar
    very nice goal
    Idea with nail bitting
    Try painting the nail really pretty that way you will think twice about bitting it before you do
  5. KawaiiGiggle's Avatar
    i'm working on the nail biting.. it's hard! all of your goals are just awesome!