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Time to give

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Every season that comes around I try to find the time to clean out closets and draws. Now that Christmas has come and gone, I felt that the closets all needed to be gone through. I have three boxes full of vaires things, and a black trash bag full of good clothes. Today I'm taking everything to a Goodwill close by, ours is called Crosslines. Great place to buy cheap good clothing. I'm hoping that someone will be able to use the clothes that my kids can no longer wear. And the closets look so much cleaner. Amazing what you can find that you forget you had. The boys don't play with half of their toys anymore, so I was thinking that another little one might get some enjoyment out of them. And everything is going to a place that is affordable and the money goes toward help families in need. It makes me feel better knowing that I can help so how.

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  1. faxonfive's Avatar
    Tonia - that is a wonderful thing to do!!! You are such a wonderful and kind heart person!!!!
  2. Janice Terrell's Avatar
    I read somewhere that for every new thing that comes into your house some old thing should go out. I have trouble deciding which old thing should go out!
  3. wilbe95's Avatar
    Glad to know that I am not the only one making (at least the kids for now) clean out their closets and pass down the ones that don't fit them anymore and bagging up what wont fit any of them. Need to do my clothes next.
  4. faxonfive's Avatar
    I have a house full of pack rats too....But they still havent noticed when I "remove" items and donate them..they never miss them....maybe after a couple of years I may tell them...then they will smile knowing that it went to a good cause too!!
  5. tsgal's Avatar
    I have to tell you all about my trip to Crosslines today. It all turned out so wonderful. They ask me to drop off my things on the back dock, that someone was back there to sort through things. So my kids went and did that part of it. Well I went into the store to see if I could find anything for myself, I am in need of some jeans. So anyway, I found two pairs for myself and a pair for my youngest. Well as I was looking around I heard one of the ladies talking that they were really needing volunteers to help with things. So when my boys came in to meet up with me, I ask them about helping out. So we went up to the lady and told her that we wanted to help, and ask her what she would like for us to do. So she had us put clothes out that were already on hangers. It felt so good to help them get things out and organized. The boys were really into it too. They (Crosslines) were so happy to have the help. So I told them that we would come as much as we could to help. Plus I get to look through the clothes to see I see anything for us. And as we were leaving I saw a boy looking at the big car that my son had put in the box. I told my boys that I was so glad that we brought these things to them. In my mind that boy might not have had a good Christmas, but he found a real nice car today. I really felt joy in my heart today. What a great feeling it was.
  6. livenactive's Avatar
    What a wonderful day! I too have helped my children go through their clothes and things to bag up and give away. We usually pass down to younger cousins first and the youngest cousins then pass on to Goodwill or Salvation Army.
    What a wonderful lesson of giving of yourself your boys experienced today. I could imagine the smiles on their faces. It brings a smile to my face reading your latest entry. Thank you for sharing your day.
  7. JoAnn's Avatar
    Feeling joy in your heart today...You'll have so much more joy coming your way --- when you continue to go back and help. You boys are also learning a great lesson from you also..
  8. brchbell's Avatar
    We've been cleaning out closets too! Got several bags waiting to go out Friday when we do our once a month shopping. We'll drop it by the Thrift store on our way out. I always feel so much better when we get done. Our closets look great too!