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Back from Nashville

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We had a fun overnight trip yesterday and today. We decided to go to Nashville. My husband, being the avid hunter that he is, wanted to go to Bass Pro Shop and see all he could see. I also enjoy those type of stores. I dont hunt but love to browse the housewares, clothes, and camping things. It is also fun to see how each store is decorated. I love the wooden floor entrances this one had. I would LLLLOOOOVVVVEEE to have that type of flooring in our home. I know it was reclaimed wood and absolutely beautiful! I believe the planks were 6 to 8 inches or wider across and had such wonderful stress marks and aging to them. I really could just drool over them! On the way home, I was thinking of where-how-why I could get flooring like that.

I looked at the Lodge cast iron section, and boy did Bass Pro have a wide variety of choices....way too many to choose from. I saw the one I had in my hand to buy and put it back at Bass Pro today at a Flea Market. It was one of the small ones that can be used as a spoon rest or to melt butter in....The seller wanted 30 bucks for it. I told my husband that I should have bought a new one at Bass Pro for 7.95 last night. I put it back because I thought 7.95 was too much!!!Guess the laugh is on me.....:0

We did eat at the Rainforest Cafe. Luckily it was at the same mall as Bass Pro so we didnt have to find it elsewhere. That was a really neat place. Not only does the outside of the restaurant look, sound, and smell like a rainforest jungle...but the inside does as well. Inside it was darkly lit to resemble the little light coming through the rainforest canopy, but the whole restaurant was bedecked out to look like you were sitting right smack dab in the middle of a rain forest. Complete with animated gorillas, monkeys, parrots, a monstrous elephant, butterflies, and other rainforest creatures. You even got to experience a rainforest thunderstorm with thunder and lightning. My kids liked it a lot. My DH thought it was ok. He really would probably preferred to eat elsewhere but he ate there for me. The food was really good but a bit on the more expensive side than what we usually pay to eat out. Guess we were paying for the atmosphere of the place too.

I did get my peas canned today. We got home around 3:30, so while I was out "shopping" for dinner in our freezer at the shop, I pulled out a large garbage bag full of frozen purple hull peas. In the first canner load, 16 out of 17 pints sealed. The second canner load has quarts in it and is coming up to steam now. I love my canner! It has helped us save tons of money on buying canned foods and has more than paid for itself many times over.

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