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FUN Home schooling lessons

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I home school.

I use a curriculum most of the time, but I also stray from it and do the occasional unit study or unschooling.

In January, we are going to study horses and honey, and are also going to make and learn about:

  • play dough
  • bath bombs
  • bath coloring
  • silly putty and ooblek
  • soap

...because it's fun and gives us cold weather projects to do.

Unit study plans are easy to find for free on the internet. I found our Honey of a Unit Study for free online. Now I just need to locate a bee keeper in my area for a field trip.

Home schooling need not cost a fortune. Resources for home schooling are so abundant online that you should be able to put together an awe-inspiring curriclum for next to nothing, no matter what the age of your child.

(Not to mention that putting together your own lessons is so much more fun for both student and parent than any boxed curriculum ever will be...)

Happy Learning!

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  1. brchbell's Avatar
    Way to go DohDohBird! We home school also! 3 boys are done but still got the girls in 10th grade now. We did unit studies for 4 years due to lack of funds. My DH was worried about what the kids were learning so I had the kids do a newsletter at the end of each unit study. We started off sending them out to family and by the time we quit and went back to a regular curriculum we had over 500 subscribers! The kids all remember the unit studies the most. My girl's are paying for most of their own curriculum now. Stuff like the Apologia Science books with full labs and Harold Jacobs math books. I figure if they want it bad enough to pay for it themselves then they'll study harder! They are awesome programs, I wished they had been around when my boys were doing High School! Dave Ramsey gave us his High School program free of charge. It was a great blessing for us! We still do unit studies mostly in the summer. We pick a topic they want to learn more about that isn't covered in their regular studies.
  2. JoAnn's Avatar
    I thought of you when I posted this Freebie--Hope you can use it in your up coming studies..

    Pollen Power!

    Bee Pollen Sample
    Receive a sample of their tasty bee pollen

    Only Bee Pollen contains...
    All 22 elements of the human system.
    All essential amino acids and is a complete protein.
    Vitamins A, B Complex series C, D, E, K and Rutin.
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    Only 90 calories per ounce