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The day after ramblings....

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Today was the after Christmas shopping day. My children and I went out to a local town to see what was out there. Many stores were offering 1/2 price plus a dollar on clothing and things. I only bought a purse...which my husband didnt think I needed...but it was purchased with Christmas money from my dad, and it was 1/2 price! So merry Christmas to me from my dad.

Last night found my children and I cleaning out closets and dressers. I noticed I kept finding summer clothes in the laundry that my children hadnt worn. The excuse was they did not have room to put it up in a drawer or hang it up in the closet. daughter and I started in her room. We purged everything that was too small or that she just wasnt going to wear, bagged it up and removed it from her room. Then on to my sons room to do the same...younger cousins are going to get 2 garbage bags full of handmedowns for New Years! That left plenty of room for what clothes they do wear and much less laundry for me to work through.

My family and I are planning on going out of state tomorrow afternoon. We are going to Nashville, TN for an overnight trip. We have been saving for months because my husband has wanted to go to the mountains after Christmas for a few days, but because of his current and future work situation, we decided to scale down our trip and just take an overnight trip with the kids. We are going to Bass Pro Shop and maybe to eat at the Rain Forest Cafe. That way, we can still have a little time away from home and still have money leftover in case we need it to make it through the month of January when his company will only be working 4 days a week.

Thankfully our freezers are full of things to eat, so I will be using much of that. We wont be going out to eat much either, which is definitely better on our bottom line (both money wise and clothes wise ) I plan only to purchase milk, bread, and staples as needed. I will also be relying on my canned goods to get us by. Thankfully it was a successful summer canning season.

I need to spend Monday canning peas from our freezer. These were "late" peas and since I was back in school, I didnt have much time to can them up. However, school doesnt start for another week so next week I plan on spending most of the week canning peas and making jelly. I am going to work in my classroom part of one day, as I left it in a mess! That day definitely wont be grandmother used to say that whatever you were found doing on New Years Day you would spend much of your time doing all year...I plan on spending it with my family resting!

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