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The day after...

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I worked so long and hard to get things done for Christmas so now I feel at lose ends! I broke out in hives late last night and still fighting it and hoping to find out what is causing it most of all! Had to break down this morning and take benadryl, the only non prescription thing I have to stop the severe itching. But it puts me to sleep! I slept until 2PM and then was grumpy growly so laid back down and slept another couple hours. Woke up to discover most everyone else was sleeping too! I know who I always do gifts for so decided to do one each month so by the time next December rolls around I'll be done and no more last minute surprises! That gives me a week to decide what I want to do for at least one person and start getting it done. Guess I'll see how I do this coming year!

We had a simple Christmas mostly homemade stuff. It was a special time and we all enjoyed it. My kids took over Christmas dinner and got it all done and on the table. They did a turkey and ham. Made fresh rolls and wild rice dressing. A big relish tray with lots of olives and pickles. They made up a green bean casserole with a white sauce and cheese. It was really good! I'm deathly allergic to mushrooms so the usual green bean casserole is a no go in our house. They made a pecan and cherry pies and a potato casserole. It was really nice. we all fixed plates of left overs and reheated in the microwave as needed today so no one had to worry about fixing dinner today. It's been a nice quiet day. It got up into the 50's today! Melted lots of the snow and ice we've had. would like to see it all go before it starts in again! Hoping the kids topped off the stock tank while they could. the stock mostly uses the East pond but when it gets to cold for them to break the ice then they come back around to the stock tank for water. We have a heater in that so we don't have to go break ice anymore-- a terrible job that has to be done 3 times a day! They had been carrying up a couple buckets of water each day and adding that so it wouldn't run out but today they could run the hoses up and fill it to the top again.

I just ran up to see if they had filled the tank and they hadn't so are out now in the dark doing it. Glad for a reason to be outside on such a warm night! My boys had mixed up bread dough and are making pizza! They had bought the stuff for it themselves so told them to have fun and make sure they clean up!

It's nice to have everyone home for a week and just deck out and enjoy ourselves! Maybe I can start on next years calendar tonight. That will keep me busy for a few hours and I would have done something useful! I love the week between Christmas and New years! No one expects you to do anything. No phone calls, no running, just time at home and can relax after regular chores are done. I always say Christmas is my favorite Holiday but it's really the week after I love!

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  1. DohDohBird's Avatar
    It was really nice to get back to the same ol' same ol' today for me. I baked some bread, and did regular cooking and cleaning and it felt so good to be back to normal.