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Aromatherapy recipes (found it in a site)

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Healing Spray

10 drops of Tea Tree
10 drops of Lavender
Fill a 1 oz. bottle with Neways Eliminator Mouthwash

Spray on sores, infected areas and fungus. Pain/Headache/Migraine Be Gone

4 drops of Agility
2 drops of Peppermint
Fill 1/2 oz jar with Neways Tangible Massage Lotion

For headaches and migraines, massage into the back of the neck first and massage towards the forehead.

Energy Booster

3 drops Orange
2 drops Wild Rosemary
1 drop Peppermint
Neways Tangible Massage Lotion

Mix oils with Tangible Massage Lotion in a 1/2 ounce container.

This is a great pick-me-up hand and body lotion. Also this is a great addition to Neways Refresh Bath & Shower Gel. Shoo-Fly Insect Repellent Spray

5 drops Tea Tree
5 drops Lavender
5 drops Geranium
5 drops Cedarwood
Pearl size Exuberance Conditioner

Mix in a 1 oz. spray or lotion bottle and add distilled water to fill. Shake well.

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  1. brchbell's Avatar
    Thank you for this post! I'll have to try some of these especially for headaches! If they work I'll do them up in mini misters to carry in the car. Now if I'm away from home and a migraine starts I take pain reliever and down lots of Pepsi to try to get me home. I don't normally drink pop at all and would love to find a better way to get me home! I lose my eyesight with my migraines so I have to do something real quick to hold it off until I get home. At home I can use herbs and Aromatherapy with a hot shower to stop it most of the time. I have a prescription but I can usually stop it before I have to take it. Anyway I'm looking forward to try these out!
  2. danghsia's Avatar
    Hope it work for u
    I haven't try them yet. so no idea