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Christmas Eve Ramblings....

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Merry Christmas to all who read. May your holiday be filled with the spirit of the season, the joy of the birth of our Savior, and food and fellowship with those you love.

Christmas Eve is a special time for family. Tonight my family will gather together to celebrate and play Dirty Santa. Today is Christmas Eve and I still hadnt gotten my Grandfather anything. What do you get or make for one who has everything they need and wants nothing? He is always difficult to decide what to do for and usually the last one I buy or make for. This year I settled on getting an unusual gift, but one that will hopefully bring a smile to his face. He is an amazing man...80+ years old, living a full and wonderfull life still, opinionated and honery as ever! I love him dearly.

I decided to get him ,now get this....'red rind hoop cheese." I have always been the grandchild who loved to hear him tell stories about his and Granny's lives together over the years. He could tell the same stories over and over and I loved it. He tells a story about when he and Granny owned a store many many years ago and how they sold red rind hoop cheese. He loves it but wont buy it for himself but has loved it when I sometimes suprise him with it. So this year, a large chunk of red rind hoop cheese, Ritz crackers, and another standing favorite, Peanut M&Ms. Practical and I know it wont be shoved on a shelf!

It is raining here in Bama...many are getting much worse weather than that. Wont be a white Christmas here....rain, rain, and more rain!

TTFN, gotta go finish the sweet potato casserole for tonight. That is my standard dish to make for family gatherings. I dont dare show up without it...I would probably be chastized severly! Recipe to follow soon.....

Marry Christmas!

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