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The middle of the night

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It's been a long hard day and I would love to go crawl into bed but here I am in the middle of one of those big printing projects that will keep me up for a few more hours. My printer is on it's last leg. I said that a year ago and I'm still nursing it along. I had my DH take over for a few minutes last weekend and he let me know that I really, really needed a new printer. It will start to pull the paper in and then suddenly spew it back out and then cheerfully go ahead and print with no paper at all. So here I sit and hand feed each and every page into the beast! I'm sitting here watching that trace of snow fall. So far that trace of snow is 2" deep. But at least it has warmed up a little. It's up to +16 so far tonight. I'm printing out 184 pages of my random thoughts and collected things from on line this month to send to my sister who no longer has a computer. She lives so far away from all of us. I really miss her. She works 3 different jobs so I rarely get to talk to her. Sending her this book once a month helps keep us in touch. She looks forward to each month. Just now I'm trying to get it done and into her late Christmas box that will go off 1st thing in the morning! Gee we're having a regular heat wave! It's up to +17 just in these few minutes! I am so looking forward to a little warmer temps for the next week or so!

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  1. Janice Terrell's Avatar
    Journaling random thoughts is a wonderful idea. Not only will your sister feel closer to you but many years down the line your family members will be grateful. I wish someone in my distant family had done this. I would love to know what they thought and how they felt about what was going on around them. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours.