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Some days it just doesn't pay to climb out of bed in the morning. When I initially set up the blog software on this site I resolved myself to the idea that I was only going to post recipes and positive, upbeat information here; That I was going to stay away from posting anything overly personal, etc.

But folks, when I started budget101, I did so at the request of a few ladies that I frequently chatted with, swapped tips, stories, personal trials and tribulations. Perhaps I am a frugal guru, or budgeting freak looking for the least expensive ways to live within my means, yet still enjoy life.
I'm more than that, I'm also a Mom, a wife and a Business woman. I'm your typical Middle Class Mom raising a family in a lousy economy, and just like you, I have good days and bad days.

So, with that in mind, I'm going to tell you about my day yesterday.

I fully intended to take a few hours in the morning and revamp a hundred or so pages within the recipes section. However, fate had other plans for me for the day, apparently. Plunking myself into the cushy computer chair, freshly made mug of steaming hot coffee, the phone rings. It's the school nurse, seems my oldest son, whilst deeply enthralled in a book was chewing on the back end of a pen, and it exploded at an inopportune time (as if there is a good time for such a thing to happen), and would I like to pick him up and take him to the hospital for possible ink poisoning.
" I ask does he seem to have any symptoms, (you know, swelling of the lips or tongue, etc)."

She replies, "No, he seems fine, but would you like to take him to the ER?"

"No Ma'am, I certainly wouldn't. Have the child rinse his mouth thoroughly and send his rumpus back to class, lesson learned. Should he come back to your office displaying any other symptoms BESIDES stupidity, Call Me."

I'm riled, now, partly because I can't believe this child was chewing on a stupid pen, which he knows better, but also because even though I realize it would take a great deal of non-toxic ink to make him ill, it still weighed on my mind.

Just as I settle down to my work and delve in with both feet, the phone rings again. A friend is calling to find out about the statute of limitations on debt collection and is quite upset by a phone call she just received. I realize, of course, that I'm not going to get any pages edited while on the phone and resolve myself to doing the dishes instead and shining my kitchen sink. So far, I'm not getting much accomplished, but hey, at least the kitchen is spotless.

Once again, off the phone, I sit down to the computer to edit a few more pages, only to realize that Its been a few hours since I had a chance to preview any moderated messages. (Members with fewer than 5 posts are moderated to help prevent spam, etc.) Just as I get logged in to moderator panel the telephone rings once more.

At this point, as I am walking to the phone I am thinking to myself, I cannot take any more crappy news today! Caller ID shows it's the Elementary school this time. I answer, it's the principal of my youngest son's school. "Ms Burnell, I'm calling to let you know that another student was attempting to take a pencil from your son and well, your son got stabbed with it."

She calmly explains that she's not sure whether they got all of the lead out of his arm and would I like to pick him up and take him to the Emergency Room. I asked her to put my child on the phone, at which point he told me what happened and how his arm looked, etc. He put his principal back on the phone and I asked her whether the other child's parents were contacted, to which she replied, "No, if he stabs another student again or has another incident, we'll contact them"


At this point I removed myself from the phone so I didn't come unhinged.

My son is a straight A student, top reader in his school and is in The National Beta Club, he shouldn't have to worry about getting Stabbed by another student at school. He'll be home in less than an hour and once more I attempt to edit some pages on the site.

Finally I hear the bus pull up and he comes in, I spend a few minutes or so cleaning his arm and applying an herbal ointment. It's bruised and it hurts, but will be fine. In the meantime, my oldest child arrives home from school, we have a rather interesting discussion about chewing on pens, etc and he's more interested in arguing the point of "matter" and whether or not "Thoughts" are "Matter".

(Oh, no, I'm not getting sucked into a long drawn out theoretical argument!)

It's already quarter to five and although I had started on the site several times throughout the day, I don't think I managed to update 10 pages all day long.

I wander into the kitchen pantry, staring at shelves lined with various home-canned goods, and homemade mixes, etc, trying to figure out what to make for dinner that would taste good, take very little time to prepare, etc. The dog starts barking, the kids are doing their after school chores and that damn phone is ringing again. During all of this the thought running through my head is how clever those Calgon Marketers were when they created the slogan, "Calgon, take me away".

I settle on grilling some crappie (haha, for you northerner's that's pronounced "Craw-pee") fish with a bit of lemon pepper seasoning, some grilled seasoned corn, and garlic smashed potatoes. It was the easiest, fastest meal I could think of that wouldn't require any actual work.

Well, after all of that, with the dinner mess cleaned up, a couple loads of laundry folded and put away, I grabbed the laptop and posted a few more freebies to end the day.
I tried to listen with interest to the political Bull-Snot that rattled in the background, but found myself increasingly disinterested and ready to crash for the night.

When I woke this morning, I looked at the ceiling and wondered to myself, "is this day gonna suck as bad as yesterday?"


ps. This has been a "Daily Thought Snot"- (you know, a ramble that just pours out and you try to sniff it back into your head, but it just has to drizzle out.

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  1. wilbe95's Avatar
    Wow when it rains it pours. I hope your day is better today. Glad to hear that your son who was stabbed with the pencil was not seriously injured. Why is it that the parents of the victim are contacted but the attack never seems to pay a price-if the kid would stab someone with a pencil unprovoked what will the next attack be like-parents should have been called and had to pick the kid up immediately.
    Again, sure hope that the rest of your week and weekend is much better-I truly appreciate all you have done for this site it has been one of the best things I have benefited from as far as the internet is concerned.
  2. mamabyrd's Avatar
    I completely understand about school nurses. The one at my son's school is such a softie. I spent 3 hours in the ER last year bc she said he had an "object" in his ear that didn't look like earwax. I had not other choice but the ER bc I couldn't take him to the dr the next day (a RARE occurance for a stay at home mom), my dr's office was booked, and the health dept wouldn't look at him. They would not let him come back to school unless he had seen a dr. It was earwax. That was last year. The other day he came home with a 3 X 3 gauze pad wrapped up with a roller bandage on his upper arm. No note, just a huge bandage. I discovered later that the bandage covered a small scratch - barely visible - but she didn't want to put a band-aid on it bc it would pull the hair on his arm. Come on. This is a daredevil child who climbs skinny trees and rides the tops back down, rides on the backs of large dogs, spidermans up doorways, and plays with bees. If he can't handle ripping a band-aid off, we have a serious problem.
  3. bflegg's Avatar
    I'm sorry, I understood the rules to say.... No Profanity- Our site is Family Friendly, Foul & inappropriate language is removed as soon as we find it, and folks who post bad language can be banned from the site. If you run across them first, report it ASAP to the web address above and it will be investigated...this is a copy and paste of the rules and what's up? Sorry, if this is the kind of site that this is I want to be removed...
  4. FreebieQueen's Avatar
    I'm sorry, I understood the rules to say.... No Profanity- Our site is Family Friendly, Foul & inappropriate language is removed
    That's correct.

    Sorry, if this is the kind of site that this is I want to be removed...
    I don't think I am understanding your question.. I read the post, don't see anything that is against the rule, so are you saying you are against Family Friendly sites??

    Please elaborate as to your position as I guess I don't understand what you're getting at.
  5. JoyceAnnTN's Avatar
    I think what Bflegg is getting you used the word "damn" in your snot ramble ( not that this bothers me in the least, nor does it really apply to the terms and rules etc..) I think they are just pointing out...why are YOU using that particular word...and maybe the bull snot comment too lol J
  6. FreebieQueen's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by JoyceAnnTN
    I think what Bflegg is getting you used the word "damn" in your snot ramble
    ahahahaha Thank you, because I read the post about 6 times and couldn't figure out what her major malfunction was.

    "Damn"... Seriously?? That's Profanity?? No.. for the sake of clarity, if it's allowed on PRIME TIME TV, it's Allowed here. Reminder, while we're a family friendly site, I do want to remind people this isn't Church.