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Hot Target Deals 7/13

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Almost anyone can find great deals at your favorite stores, you just have to look a little. Generally I list deals in the forums or on my site from Wal-mart, not because I particularly LIKE them, but because it's safe to assume nearly Everyone who visits my site Does have access to a wally world. After all, that is the point of sharing the deals, so everyone can benefit.

For the sake of being fair to some of the other Big Chain stores, here are some deals that are currently available at target. Now of course, keep in mind, you need to use coupons to score these great buys, but as I've said in previous articles, you can clip coupons quickly and sort them in the time it takes to watch your favorite evening sitcom.

This Weeks Target Deals based on the target ad of 7/13 :

Skippy Peanut Butter (use $1 tc) = .52 ea

Pringles .88 can (buy 3) use 3 Printable Target Q's & 1 mc .30/3 (V 6/29) = .28 can

Powerade .77 on sale - .75 (mc) = .02 ea

Electrasol Tabs are $2.79 on sale - $2.25 (SS 7/13) = .54 cent each

General Mills Cereal Sale Price 2/ $1.75 ea. - use 2 IP (print) of .55 = $1.20 ea

Smuckers Jelly -$1.54 ea- $1 tc. = 54 cents ea.

Ziploc $2.50 - .75 (tc*) - .55 (mc*) = $1.20

Dove Deodorant $3 x 2 = $6 - 1.50 (tc wyb 2) - 1.50 (mc .75 x 2) = $3.00 or $1.50 each

Honey Nut Cherrios are 4/$7 - $.55 IP (print) = $1.20 per box

Bic Crystal Pens (10ct) are 2/$1 - use the $1 Bic IP at (print) and you get 2 pkgs for free

Unadvertised Deals
Little Swimmers & Pampers Splashers are Marked $9.99 but are ringing up $2.99, use $1/1 (mc) on the swimmers and $1.50/1 (tc) on splashers

Hopefully viewing these deals will give you some ideas on areas you can save some cash, and allow you to stock up on some PB & J before the kids head back to school.

Happy Savings,


tc = Target Coupon
mc = Manufacturer Coupon
q's = Coupons
wyb- when you buy
IP= internet printable
SS- smartsource
V- vlassis

How to read coupon lingo:

ex. (SS 7/13) means that the coupon appeared in the Sunday paper on July 13 in the smart source insert.

Link to Target Printables

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  1. mommydark's Avatar
    I'm a Target shopper so these are GREAT!!!! Please keep posting them!!

  2. mommydark's Avatar
    I didn't have all the coupon options and price points that you did. I downloaded what coupons I could find that were relevant to what I wanted to purchase -- for example, the cheerios internet coupon was not good on Honey Nut, only the more sugar-coated versions of cheerios. Since I don't normally buy Pringles, I didn't have the mc for the discount on 3 deal. My Target's base prices were slightly higher than yours too. For example, Skippy w/coupon cost 66-cents (lower than retail, but not as low as your Target). With only the Target coupon, one box of Pringles (not on sale at my local Target) was 92-cents (heck, still under $1, so I guess that's a good deal? I don't buy chips often).

    Better still, I had been researching back to school deals and Target had some really good ones compared to the other stores in the area, and I found some products I was going to buy at other stores that were priced even lower at Target, so those savings on top of the savings I got w/your suggestions did pay off.

    Thanks again!
  3. semmel88's Avatar
    I think the Little Swimemrs/Pampers are on clearance and those prices are different in every store and depend on the what the particular store is actually selling or not selling.