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Christmas cookies and treats

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I have decided to do my own little "12 days of cookies" ...I have completed the first four days - gonna work on todays - today then I have plans for the next 4 days and on Christmas eve but I have two days that I really havent decided what to make.....any ideas yall??

Dec 13 - Pecan sandies
Dec 14 - wedding cookies and Toffee Bars
Dec 15 - chocolate chip cookies
Dec 16 - Christmas Tree rice krispie treats
Dec 17 (today) Toffee Bars (we ate all the last ones)
Dec 18 - Reeses cup cookies (yuck but hubby loves them)
Dec 19 - Stolen (my mother n laws recipe that she brought back from Germany)
Dec 20 - Christmas Bark
Dec 21 - Chocolate truffles
Dec 22 -
Dec 23 -
Dec 24 - sugar cookies

I have given as gifts, frozen and eaten ALOT of these....any ideas?

Merry Christmas!!

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  1. beansthemama's Avatar
    What about peanut butter kisses? The peanut butter cookies with the hersey kisses in the middle?
  2. faxonfive's Avatar
    Funny thing Beans, my daughter and I were just thinking about "her" making those too - I cant stand peanut butter, but I think it wont be so bad ... I can adjust for a little while. Thanks for that idea....
  3. Janice Terrell's Avatar
    Spice cookies. Uses a spice cake mix but really good. Just add a half cup oil & one egg & mix well. Bake at about 325 for approx 10 mins. I add one cup nuts (walnuts or pecans) and one cup raisins. I pour boiling water over the raisins (to cover) & soak for 10 mins. to soften.
  4. faxonfive's Avatar
    Thank you Janice!! I never thought of using a cake mix either, excellent idea too!!! I will make these too....I LOVE cookies!!!
  5. JoAnn's Avatar
    What are Stolen (my mother n laws was from Germany also)
    My DH misses her so and her baking. She didn't share too many recipes before her passing. Could you post this recipe ? I know the family would so enjoy a recipe (it would be a surprize for DH and his DB..
  6. faxonfive's Avatar
    Stolen is a German Christmas cake/bread type of treat...it is delish!!! Yeah I will post it...I will post it on the Christmas forum...I have to ask hubby, he misses his Mom deeply too and she only shared a few recipes with me...she was a great person.