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Where are the good fairies?

Good Fairies - Where Are They

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Where are all the good fairies that are supposed to come in and wrap your Christmas presents, wash your dishes, clean house and in general be useful? I've waited and waited. . . .

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  1. beansthemama's Avatar
    Sorry to tell ya sista, They don't exist! lol Though we all wished they did
  2. Janice Terrell's Avatar
    Oooooooooh nooooooooooo. Now what do I do?
  3. faxonfive's Avatar
    I LOVE To clean Janice and Deanne here loves to wrap....if we lived a little closer we could help....but I dont remember any fairies helping me either ....sorry!!!
  4. tsgal's Avatar
    I have wished for them a time or two. They always seem to miss my house for some reason or another......I think they keep getting lost.....lol....so I keep doing it until they show up. Have you thought about using gift bags instead of wrapping paper? I love gift bags, saves me alot time.
  5. JoAnn's Avatar
    Shhh don't tell anyone Janice--but I don't think there are any that do that. But I saw the Dancing Good Fairy today and and and other magical things today... You'll have to come by my photo album this week, and I'll show you. Sorry to break the news to you this way. But as you know Lynn, would be there if she could. ((giggle)). I did I really did.
  6. Janice Terrell's Avatar
    Personally, I think the Grinch is holding them hostage!!!. . . . Some of the smaller things can go in gift bags but some of the bigger things will have to be wrapped. The bigger gifts are heavy and those great big gift bags are a little too expensive.
  7. atta76's Avatar
    Reading this made me think about a funny website I just saw:

  8. danghsia's Avatar
    LOL what a fun post

    Grinch is holding them hostage <--- I wonder that too..
  9. mardhines's Avatar
    LOL Janice,
    Just so happens, my 'good fairy" lives next door. This girl, is so sweet. She knows that I am unable to walk that far with a basket of clothes to wash ( as I dont own a washer or dryer), and she knows that I do not own a vehicle to get anywhere or to my Dr. appts. She knows that I have 4 ruptured discs in my back, a cyst on my spinal cord, and of course, the usual spinal stenosis from back injuries gone too long without treatment. This girl works everyday,(even though she has severe feet problems, that makes her 30 yr old posture look 90 when she walks), as well as cares for her 2yr old and 6yr old. But she ALWAYS has time and energy,(most probably forced), to help MOM. I couldn't ask for a sweeter, more respectful, or considerate daughter. I THANK GOD for her. They do exist, but its certainly rare.

  10. Janice Terrell's Avatar
    Marty - You are so very blessed. Makes me feel humble just knowing there really are people like that in the world.