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free Protein bar sample!!

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  1. faxonfive's Avatar
    Halloween is almost here and I need help - ideas rather. My offce does a costume contest each year, and for the past four years we have won the departmental theme. 70's, revenge of the nerds, Hobo's and Village People. I was hoping that anyone could throw some ideas at me, we dont want to spend alot of money ( none actually) but we want to be creative and funny. Help?

    Thanks in advance for all your help!!!

  2. wilbe95's Avatar
    Have you tried a everyone comes in their pajamas, slippers, shower cap with rollers in the hair, carry that mug full of coffee trying to wake up theme?

    Nothing better than to show up to work without having to get dressed up. Hope this helps in some small way.
  3. faxonfive's Avatar
    Our customer service department did that last year, we thought about that too..lol ...thanks....someone told us to dress up like zombies...that could be cheap u think??
  4. wilbe95's Avatar
    Zombies should be cheap-old, dirty, torn up clothes and a little face paint/makeup. Almost as good as going to work in your pj's
  5. Liss's Avatar
    Hi! Did you check out the funny costume ideas on the site?

    Here is the link: Halloween Costume Ideas that dont cost a fortune

    I'll be adding a messload of halloween stuff this weekend and I'll add some cheap to make costumes for couples.

  6. faxonfive's Avatar
    Thanks yall...I think these are great ideas......thanks!!!!!