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Don't Count You Chicken Before They Hatch.

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The moral to this story is--Don't Count Your Chickens Before They Hatch..Have Your Ducks In A Row..

Well people it really hasn't been a good few days here At least for me .. But all in all, I know better ones are coming

To start with I don't like direct deposit--it's one of those changes, that I haven't ajusted to very well. But I adjusted Lolll. And now I have to change again--I have to go online to recieve my pay stub..Yes it's time to go green, save the trees and so on ect. Oh those are the pros. But there is a flip side to all of this too.. You had better for your own mind check a few days if not a week before to make sure all is correct on your stub or you are "screwed"!!!! I got that way this weekend. because guess what, that's right no pay for me for 2 weeks.. Had to learn that lesson the hard way...This is a new policy that has only been in place for a little over a month. Ok I know I'm now saving the place where I work money. They don't have to print my stub for me anymore...But now I have to print it out. Haven't figured out how much over a years time what that will cost me.... I know that I'm Blessed to have a job... But really think about it all...and read between the lines. What I might of done or could of done... No money in that account and not checking to see if it was there...Just go ahead of the horse and use that debit card or checks on Saturday, you fool JoAnn...And guess what you get---yup that would be it bouncing. But I got that horse berfore it ran away. So Saturday evening I caught the horse. And feed him and put him away again. Now I have to really figure out why there was no pay at all... I"ve only got it half figured out, so far...But believe me I will have the anwsers on Tuesday morning... Thanks everyone for listening...Please Liss--Don't charge me for this session...I don't have a money--remember...

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  1. wilbe95's Avatar
    My work did that about a year ago with the online pay stubs. Has always been the direct deposit-its okay but I like seeing what i get. I had a similar experience but reversed-I was payed for an extra two weeks of work because someone messed up putting information in the system. Not really a problem until the following paycheck that was two weeks less money, hard to manage the money. I thought at first "wow someone gave me a pay raise" it was at the time of the year that the pay raises went into effect -I learned and really check everything now. Sometimes technology is not so great-miss being able to actually talk to a real person for an answer.
  2. faxonfive's Avatar
    I have direct deposit, but I am keeping my fingers crossed that my company doesnt go the online paystub thing, I like to see what I get. Good luck JoAnn I am sorry to here what has happened to you dear!!