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More Random Frugality, Holiday Style

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One way to be frugal is by using our lights sparingly. Rather than turning on all those glaring lights in your home, why not place a few candles strategically and light them, instead? Not only will you be saving money by not using your lights, but also the ambiance is wonderful and much gentler to your eyes. Be careful with candles, though. It's not very frugal to have your house burn to the ground. Place them in safe locations and never around pets or children.

Seek out free entertainment this holiday season. Churches often have free productions. We're going to concerts, plays, and musicals, all for free, and we already had a lovely time at our city's River Walk, for free, of course. There's plenty of free entertainment around. A couple of places to begin your search? WalMart and the local library. WalMart often has special holiday things (A Santa, if you go that route, can be found for free photos at most stores I've seen). The library will often have story times for children as well as resources around town for free entertainment.

Give of yourself. It makes you feel really, really good. Think outside the box here. One example: my children are too young to do what I'd really love to do: work the community dinner this Christmas. Our contribution is going to be home-baked cookies for our city's Soup Kitchen. The homeless are often the recipients of thoughtfulness this time of year. Usually, it's in hats, blankets, food donations, etc. I thought Christmas cookies...a real touch of normalcy when the lives of the families seeking food at the Soup Kitchen is in such turmoil...would be a welcome change of pace. You should have heard the volunteer at the center when I asked if home-baked cookies would be okay. She was thrilled. And she said, "We serve around a hundred people a day, but you sure don't have to bring that many." A hundred cookies is not hard to do. I aim to get three hundred baked: 3 for each person: one chocolate chip, one decorated sugar, and one gingerbread man. It's not really frugal. I mean, I intend to use real butter and toll house morsels and all. But it's worth it, isn't it? It's my project this Christmas. It's all I can do this year, and I intend to do it with a very glad heart.

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  1. faxonfive's Avatar
    These are some excellent suggestions and frugal ideas DohDoh - THANK YOU!!!
  2. JoAnn's Avatar
    You have the really meaning of the season. Giving of ones self--is a very prefect way of showing that you do care. If everyone gives a little (so to say) it real does make a difference. 300 cookies will keep you busy, you are celebrating the spirit of giving.
  3. jaime's Avatar
    What great ideas! Thank you for sharing
  4. Mrs H's Avatar
    Bless your heart. What a wonderful and thoughtful gift you are giving to those in need. I think when one is frugal the majority of the year, using real butter and real toll house chips is a 'treat' worth spending money on, in my opinion.
    Those less fortunate will be feeling your kind heart with every bite they take.

  5. DohDohBird's Avatar
    Thank you. I hope they do enjoy the cookies. It's also a lesson for my girls to be compassionate and caring and good cooks. (lol at the last one!)