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Technology Frustration

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My husband wanted me to move my computer out of the cold basement to our walk in closet. I needed a 150' internet cord which isn't available locally so I told him to try a wireless router. I've tried repeatedly to install it. Guess it waits for my DS to come home for Christmas break or the 1 week he gets of it. He works for the University also, so breaks are few ans far between. Evey time i try to install something new I get a migraine trying and have learned after the first try to box it up and put in away until he gets home to deal with it. Guess maybe that's why he hardly comes home??? All of our computers are already set up for wireless and I thought it would be great to not have all these cords running all over the basement. I just need stuff I can plug in and have it do it's thing. Glad I have someone who can deal with it when he has time! My finger tips and toes might turn blue down here but at least it works!

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  1. JoAnn's Avatar
    brchbell ,
    Where I live, I have the most friendly set of internet people you could ask for. If I call them --They will take me step by step thur the whole proccess of setting up/installing a wireless router (and they have done this for me also). They probably think that I am from another planet or something. But with their help over the phone, I can do just about anything and I have . So you might want to give your local company a call, and they might do the same for you. James from the company that I use, even makes house calls when he can. And he doesn't charge me for them. I believe I've been with this company for over 8 years. And they are the best. I haven't found better service from any business ever.