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A bright sunny day, suppose to snow tomorrow

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We had 3 inches of snow on Sunday and mostly melted today. It got up to 45 and was bright and sunny. We were out working hard today trying to get the livestock taken care of as we're going back into the deep freeze for the next 5 days. We all worked together on taking another room out of the pole barn we used to live in. We hope by the end of this week to have that section completely done so we can take the siding off the front of it and park the cars,truck and tractor in it this winter. My deep freeze is still over there so we also hope to get that moved over here next week. I just have to figure out where I want it in the basement.

My little 4' basement garden is greening up real good. Even the baby carrots have sprouted now. It's exciting to see everything growing down here. We should have radishes before Christmas. Lettuces a little after. I have a 4' X 16" bed of carrots the kids planted really late that is still growing outside. I put plastic over it and thought we'd just see if it would go ahead and grow and so far it is. We've had a couple nights in the low teens so far.

I would of liked to of slept in most of today but oh my couldn't sleep with a day like today! I know we are at the point that theses days will be few and far between so when we get them we have to have a burst of energy!

Yesterday I had to take my 19 yr old to Kansas City for a job interview. So I moved my once a month shopping trip up so I wouldn't have to go anywhere again this month. (I go to Ft. Leavenworth Commissary, 90 miles from home) I'm sure I'll end up going somewhere but at least I won't have to deal with groceries. Instead of planning a month's menus out this time I just make a list of the special things the kids said they needed for the holiday meals/treats and then I got what I thought we needed to have for a years supply of food. Today I found my DD's in making an inventory( unasked for!) so we would know exactly what we had and where it was. But yesterday really wore me out. We left home at 7am-- up at 4:30 to get chores done then get cleaned up to leave. We didn't get back home until 8PM. I had gotten a special coupon from the base exchange to get 3-2 topping pizzas for $12 so I had done that at lunch time so when I got home and got the dairy stuff put away i ran and turned on the oven and threw in the 3 pizzas to reheat and by the time they had everything unloaded from the car we were able to eat the best pizzas we've boughten in a long time. thank you Anthony's Pizza for helping me feed 6 hungry people for $2 a piece!

I have to be at church tomorrow night so I rooting on the snow to get a cancellation so we can deck out at home and have a much needed day off tomorrow! I know shame on me! but I feel like I've ran a marathon here for the last 3 days!

I hear my dd's up practicing their music. So many requests have came in to them this year to come play Christmas music. Last year they both decided to teach themselves how to play piano, flute, saxophone, violin and guitar. They did an awesome job and are in high demand now! they played several instruments and songs last may for our home school production and now many churches, the public schools and nursing homes have been calling asking them to come play for them! They are a beautiful treasure sent to bless my life. I thank my Father in heaven daily for them. They never fail to amaze me! May they fulfull all their dreams!

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  1. JoAnn's Avatar
    Sounds like you are putting a blanket on the farm, for the winter. But still so much to do in the winter months.
    Hope all goes well for your son, with his job interview. Good jobs are just so hard to come by right now.
    What a wonderful gift that your DDs are blessed with. Do you DDs also sing ? I have a friend that plays the guitar and he is also in very high demand. He goes out twice week to several different churches in his area. With being retired this really does keep him busy.

    Have A blessed Week
  2. danghsia's Avatar
    wow i wish it was snowing in my place
    Sit by fire with hot coco
    it will be heaven