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I hate doctors

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I swear! I hate doctors.

So we changed Rylees doc. when she was 6/7 months old and with our old doc. we made all of our apts. in advance. So when we changed her doc we asked if we could go on and make and apt. for her 8 month shots and they said "no they get them at 9 months".... so when she turned 9 months we took her in and the said "no they get them at 12 months".... so then my mother said to call and double check to make sure she hasn't missed any. This morning I call them... and yeah she needs shots.

It kinda makes me mad, because I have already been there for the 9 month shots and we didnt get them so now I have to go back.

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  1. beansthemama's Avatar
    yeah doctors are insane! Good luck!
  2. wilbe95's Avatar
    I feel your pain, LOL, been there recently. So hard when you have a doctor you really have a rapport with and then you have to switch for one reason or another. I just adore a doctor who treats me like I have a clue and that I am not the stupidest person in the world. For her shots you might check with the local health department-sometimes they are way cheaper than the doctor office. Good luck to you on this.