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Another tight two weeks...

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Sometime earlier in the summer I promised my kids a trip to The Great Escape (Now a Sixx Flags, in lake George New York)
That day is Saturday.
I'm dreading it.
I'm dreading the money I'll have to spend despite coupons...
I'm eating lunch in the parking lot (where it costs $10.00 to park...*sniffle* )

I also made a convenience purchase this weekend which I'm partly kicking myself for, and partly patting myself on the back for. I had just come home from my boyfriends' house which is 80 minutes and 1/4 of a tank of gas away, I did not watn to then drive across the river to New Hampshire to wal-mart to buy paint, a roller cover, an edge brush and a tray liner. So I stopped at Sherwin Williams. The paint I purchased was $39.99 a gallon. My entire purchase was $60.00. The paint went on's the nicest paint I've EVER used in my LIFETIME...and I will buy it again..but next time, I'll budget for it! *L* It looked SO good on the walls, I actually squealed out loud when I stepped back to look at it.

That extra check in October?
Here's the plan.

buy brake parts, self labor
pay off medical bill and water bill (firewood is paid in full! woohoo!)
put away some money for xmas...
buy myself a bday gift. refurbished ipod at overstock for $150.00 I've been waiting over 3years to do this....may change my mind before then, we'll see.
the rest will go in savings.


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