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I am piss up at my rooomate

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Ok I live in college dorm/ apartment. It have 2 rooms and 2 beds in each room. The girl that suppose to share room with me did not show up. Should I say or . really wonder.

OK now about the girls in other room. One black and one mexican. OK people let not get offended. IF i offend you sorry , i didn't do it on purpose.

At first glace, the mexican girl, Kate need to be friendly and clean freak. I thought she is angel Well I am wrong.

The black girl, Tambra she is a clean freak i thought but only in certain area... her look and smell.


anyway. the things is they don't clean bathroom, they don't throw out the trash, Worse of all there is something moldy in the fridge what do i do? I tell Kate that something is moldy in the fridge and throw it out. well she still didn't do it yet.
Seee how annoyed am i . I told her not once, Three time so I am sure she heard.

About Tambra, she like to be smell nice. So she use air freshener can like crazy in the room. Guess what it will not solve the smell unless they take out the trash. WOrse she make mess with her hair on floor everywhere . AH both me and kate sure it is her hair.

Also tambra complain about me being noisy in the morning and night. Hello, they are the one that noisy. SHE take a shower at night like 12 - 1am... shower make a lot noise you known a lot more than the sink and she complain about me too noisy in the moringing brushing my TEETH.

AH is this what college life suppose to feel like

I just feel like I want to them .

I am so sad

Thank you for reading this
Suggestion and advise are welcome since it my first time living in dorm

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  1. beansthemama's Avatar
    Roomates are the worse. This to shall pass
  2. Tarrien's Avatar
    Yeah, roomates are like that. Basically since I've moved out of my parents house I've found that if you want things done (Mold getting tossed out, garbage taken out*) You gotta do it yourself.

    About the shower thing, take a nap during the day- like an hour-2 hours- it'll help you out a lot