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Cookbooks: A Relic of the Past?

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The other day, I went through my cookbooks and Freecycled all the ones I haven't touched in a while. The stack included my entire collection of Kraft Food and Family Magazines, my whole Cooking Light Magazine subscription, and various specialty cookbooks, like ones devoted to nothing but a wok, or nothing but barbecue, which I never crack open. As you can see, although I pared down my collection nearly by half, I am still rich in cookbooks.

But I seldom use them.

I have recipes stored in my internet favorites. I have sites I frequent for good, frugal recipes. I have access to every recipe ever written (almost---I even have PDFs of very, very old cookbooks from the Feeding America site). So why do I cling to these seeming relics?

I like the way they look in my kitchen. I have them arranged atop my cabinets, with my two black bear statuettes flanking them, and it looks nice.

I do use a couple of them every now and then. My Better Homes and Gardens Cookbook and my Taste of Home Cookbook are two that I use most frequently. By frequently, I mean two or three times a year.

Yet, I can't bear to part with my cookbooks. I could definitely find every recipe I'll ever need online, but there's something special about opening a wrinkled cookbook page, with food stains and special instructions scribbled in the margins.

I'm not quite ready to let go of my collection. Who knows? Maybe the power will go out and I won't have access to my online collection, and I will have to revert to the reliable relic, the cookbook.

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  1. wilbe95's Avatar
    I love it, I am not the only collector of Cookbooks! LOL .
    I even have one from the 1880's-love looking through it a dab of this a smidgen of that! A part of history I jsut can't part with-you just can't find those home remedies in a cookbook today.
  2. JoAnn's Avatar
    I'm a collector of cookbooks also. I like the way you have displayed your cookbooks. Very sharp looking. Thanks for sharing the picture too.

    I have two old favorite ones I'll never part with. And both of these were given to me.

    I had a real habit at on time. I used to go to flea markets, yard sale or while vacationing and buy cookbooks. Until one day I said to myself this is enough.

    Kim. like you said there is so much history in them. I don't know if others see this as we do. I really like curling up with one and reading thur it.

  3. beansthemama's Avatar
    LOL I am a advid cookbook collector! I go to yardsales just for that! Glad someone else shares the love of them too.
  4. bamo72's Avatar
    I collect cookbooks also, and I do use them. It is hard to look things up on the internet for me--dial-up takes a long time. So I really rely on my books. You can tell the recipes loved most because the pages are stained. I think my favorite one is the one my great grandmother used and wrote notes in. A small part of my family history.