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I love this season

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so I couldn't sand our Christmas tree being in the box any longer, so we put it last night despite it being bad luck.... and It wasn't up even 2 hours before all the cats where in it.

This morning we have 4 balls left on it and tunnels all through it.


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  1. DohDohBird's Avatar
    WOW! You're "worse" than me! I always put mine up on Thanksgiving Day! My husband sighs and rolls his eyes and goes along with my jolly. lol

    My cat is generally uninterested in the tree. I wonder how our new chihuahua will feel about it.

    That reminds me. It's time the girls and I got on making some new ornaments for this year. We make some every year to add to our tree. The goal is to have NO glass balls or other generic ornaments on the tree in a few more years, and have all special occasion and homemade ornaments take their place. When it was just the hubs and me, we loved the glass ball ornaments and coordinated trees every year but I find I like the eclectic better nowadays.

    Anyway, sorry to take your blog off on a tangent. Merry Christmas to you, a whole month early! lol
  2. ab2401's Avatar
    yeah, I just couldnt take it anymore... and I wanted to see what Rylee would think of it.... my older cat doesnt care about it at all.... but shes a little fiat to get in it.... HAHA

    Thats a good idea about making your own ornaments.... we might have to try it when the baby gets older.
  3. danghsia's Avatar
    LOL i just got the mini tree