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Tackle box idea

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A year ago Harris Teeter was giving away these nice picnic baskets that rolled on wheels when you spent so much money. I got one and so did my daughter. We have been using one of them but the other sat in a box in the closet. My husband broke his tackle box and that was when it clicked. I pulled out the picnic basket (looked more like a backpacket on wheels) and put in a few plastic containers that you can sort and organise things. I threw in a few new hooks, and extra for a fishing trip and surprised him when he went on his next trip. What a estatic husband. He thought I purchased it like that and also thought that I had spent alot of money...I told him and made him very happy that he has a wife that knows how to improvise.... Thought you might like that idea.....

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  1. Liss's Avatar
    Thats a great idea. A few years ago I found some rectangle containers with dividable trays at the Christmas tree shop. they were on sale for $1. each and fit tons of fishing tackle items in them. It was one of the best tackle boxes we ever had. The kids "lures" were in 1 box and dad didn't have to worry about them losing his good tackle, lol. (Never stand in the way of a man and his fake fish with 40 hooks hanging off it!)

    Never thought of using one on wheels, now THAT is clever.