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Week end before Thanksgiving

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I am so missing the daily posts from Budget 101. I was so hooked on that wonderful hour early each morning. I got the 2 memory quilts done my husband asked me to whip up for him. I have 3 more picture pages to finish for this years calendar so should be working on that but can't concentrate on it right now. I have 5 more quilts to finish. 2 are in process of being tied. 1 more will need to be tied. 1 is being hand quilted but is 3/4 finished. I put a movie on and work on it each night. The last one is a simple machine quilt thing that I can do in one day when I get to it so should get done in time for Christmas. I would of been done with them all except the hand quilted on except I gave up the 2 weeks on my DH memory quilt project. My dear daughters are taking on the Christmas card project again this year. Addressing 200 envelopes is more than I care to do but over the years it's the only time we write so many folks that we've passed through life with. I use to actually write notes to everyone but now I just do a nice Christmas letter and then add a few notes on certain ones. The kids have planned out all the candy making and cookie making and mixes to do up as presents so they will take care of it and I can just go along for the ride. We always take turns reading Christmas stories in the evenings while we work in December. We always start with the Christmas Box and we just got The Christmas Sweater. None of us have read that one so it'll be a treat this year. Those not working in the kitchen sit around and crack and pick out hickory nuts and black walnuts so we have plenty of nuts when we need them. Today was the 1st day that our lake was completely froze over. Just a thin layer of ice right now but guess it's time for it to freeze on over for the winter. I always love this time of the year when things slow down here on our farm and we get all the extra time together each night to celebrate this wonderful season. I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving this week!

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  1. tsgal's Avatar
    Sounds like you have a lot planned out, and in order. That's great. We have a farm also, it is nice that things have slowed down on our end as well. We get to planned all of our events, crafts, and when to start making our apple butters, and jams (froze the fruit for it). This is our favorite time of the year to make them. The house always smells so good when we are making them.