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Sometimes life can be good

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So here I am, looking at all the bills, and wondering how I am going to afford some Christmas presents for my boys. I am crunching numbers, and realize I am better off than I thought, and in walks my 11 yo. He sits down and says, "Mom all I really want is to stay up a little later and 2 video games". Talk about a blessing. He really help relieve some weight off my shoulders. Maybe my husband and I are doing something right!!!

So yesterday, I had to try and get some sleep for a night shift coming up, but then I also had to get all three kids from all three schools early so we could go and have braces placed on the 9 yo (hubby at work). So there I am lying in bed, and thinking, and lying, and thinking, and then getting up and not getting any sleep. We get our errands done, and then I come home to get dinner together, then myself for work. Get to work and the first thing I do is make a STRONG pot of coffee. Well, this just happened to be a night that we were overstaffed for the ED (rare) and relatively slow. SO at 1230 am, they asked me if I wanted to go home. Didn't have to think twice about that!!!

So today, I am going to get Space Derby Rockets for my cub scouts so we can start making them for our Pack's holiday party. The kids love making them!!! And they get so creative!! If I get some pictures of the rockets (only the rockets) then I will post them in my album (if I can figure out how to).

And the best, we noticed a pair of red-tailed hawks living in our woods behind out house (big nest). Very cool for a bird fanatic (me).

So Sometimes, LIFE IS GOOD!!!!

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